Rain depressing?

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Rain makes you happy or sad?

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Post by ChristineAnn »

I hate Oregon rain. It's cold and the sky turns gray and it's depressing!
I love Arizona rain, the thunderstorms are fun. And the rain is warm.
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Post by jacob-rox-my-sox »

i generally like rain
but at least twice last week right when school ended, it started raining really hard, like absolulty bucketing dwon
and since my school is on top of this huge hill, i had to sprint down the hill with my umbrella in the wind and rain and wait for my dad to come get me. i got soaking wet. and then i hated the rain. but since im now in the school holidays, i love it when it rains
except when im going into town

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Post by RocketShip_Getaway »

I love rain. It means Im home in Washington haha.
Rain rain dont go away.
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Post by spiker21 »

i actually really love the rain and that is why i want to live in forks or alaska because i love the rain but when it rains i love to just put on the moonlight sonata and look out the window and just relax... i know i am probably weird but i just love the rain :D and i love the smell of it...
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Post by BellaSwanCullen »

I'm in Florida and we had an uber bad thunderstorm today, it would've been fine if we hadn't lost the power, it's Florida...like Forks is rainy and overcast, Florida's hot and humid. Ew. I love thunderstorms though.

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Post by xoxocamille »

Once upon a time... wrote:Haha yeah I suppose when you have things to carry that can be pants. Like getting books wet and then all the pages go funny when they dry...oh and when you wear something that's turns completely transparent with the slightest hint of water...Sports lessons outside were the worst :shock:

lol I just used to make the most of the rain and splash in the puddles when I walked home from school. I sometimes still do, when no one is looking lol
Yes, I hate the rain when I have to carry stuff! It's sooo not cool! Gahhh. Only when I don't have to carry anything, then I love it, LOL.

One time, afterschool, it was raining so hard, me & my friends decided to go to the park and go on the slides, lol. It was super fun and we were all dripping wet by the time we got home, hahah.

Oh, I love it when it rains during PE! We get to stay inside the gym which means.... FREE TIME! Chyeaaa!
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Post by Minireb123 »

haha i used to hate it...but after twilight I lovee it =]

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Post by Crooked_Rose »

Once it rained at a camp I went to...

The night we were sleeping in hammocks.
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Post by Bella_S_Black »

It was raining in the night last night
it felt really creepy!
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Post by MoonStarWithWings »

xoxocamille wrote:
Oh, I love it when it rains during PE! We get to stay inside the gym which means.... FREE TIME! Chyeaaa!
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