Rain depressing?

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Rain makes you happy or sad?

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Rain depressing?

Post by Imclutzy24 »

Okay. I am having a really bad day and since its raining i feel like blaming it on the rain. it feels as if rain causes sadness. Has anyone else had a bad day and went its raining it feels worse than it should be? :cry:
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Post by blueray1 »

i love the rain. it can pour and everyone is dispointed and i would be more happy than i had been for days. i also enjoy watching the rain.
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Post by alice_fan »

I like the rain, I find it soothing. Of course I live in a desert, so rain is a rare thing for me. :wink:
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Post by jadoretoi »

in the words of Garbage..
I'm only happy when it rains. =D
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Post by Imclutzy24 »

Sorry. i not a bella on this discussion. i guess i am the only one.
Oh well...
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Post by Moonlight_Sonata »

jadoretoi wrote:in the words of Garbage..
I'm only happy when it rains. =D

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I'm only happy when it rains :D
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Post by Marcy »

I don't like idle rain (or at least I didn't before Twilight.)

I LOVE storms. Lightening, Thunder, Crashing. I'm a TX girl, and there is nothing more beautiful than blue lighteneing against an orange sky.

That being said, if it isn't going to storm, or rain hard, I would rather the sun be out, so that at least I can bask in the sunshine!
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Post by pinkmango »

i like rain. it bigs me when people freak out over rain. it isn't going to kill you. unless it is acide rain, then you can freak out
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Post by Forsaken »

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I love rain, I could stand in it all day
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Post by Wolbachia »

Rain kicks donkey. :D
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