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Post by StupidxLamb »

Haha, well, considering my doctor is, she's not Carlisle. :shock: But that would have been amazing!! Honestly, at the time, I was too scared out of my mind (I hate needles) to think anything of it. Plus, I HAVE A GOOD VEIN?! I don't want to hear that after she takes like, 5 viles of blood. lol.
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Post by vampiregrrrl110 »

I've gotten a few of those. Why is it that complete strangers feel the need to inform us of something that we. . . . well, don't know, but still!

Yeah, my mom and I were in a store; she was looking for a little brown dress for confirmation (she was a sponsor), and I was walking around, to see if I found anyting for her. And, I'm into fashion, so I usually pick out a lot of my mom's clothes. So, this saleswoman comes up to me, and asks, 'Are you looking for anything in particular, dear?"

And I'm like, "Yeah, my mother wanted a brown dress." So, I'm still sifting through the dresses, and she's sort of helping me. Then, I see one that I like, and call my mom.

The saleswoman says, (to mom) 'you're very pretty." then, to me, "You're both very pretty. Beautiful people."

Then, she sort of glides off.

Queer, huh. And, like that happens quite often. Which is really weird. Then, of course there're these old men who look at you and sigh, then say, "I wish I was thirty years younger."

When your mom is next to you. And Someone's 13 year old son is there too. NOt that the guys was a pervert or anything, he didn't say it in a BAD way, but it was just. . . . . weird.

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Post by omgitstwilight »

People keep telling me that I have puppy dog eyes and that they are really sparkly. They just look brown to me though. Or out of no where my friends randomly say "You know, you're so sweet/cute"
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Post by MoonStarWithWings »

My mum said I looked so pale I looked like a vampire, and I smiled and said thanks.

NOT how she meant it!
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Post by Unchallenged »

yeh im in love with vampires and my sis told me what are you a vampire

love it!
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Post by Faipire »

My bf said that wehn I attck his idiot friends its cute
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Post by ChristineAnn »

I get, "you have really cute ears" alot.

I think its cause I have teeny ears.
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