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Do you use the Search Feature on the Lexicon?

Yes, I use it all the time.
Yes, but I only use it sometimes.
No, because I don't know how to use it.
No, because I just don't like it.
Total votes: 223

E.C. Dahlia
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Post by E.C. Dahlia »

I rarely use it. There are so many choices that come up when I search something that I don't have the patience to look through them. I usually get side-tracked on the first page :wink: But I don't start a topic without searching it first, if that's what you're wondering.
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Post by vampires_4_ever_1104 »

I'm actually using it a lot more now than I had been before. It's pretty helpful! :P
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Post by Marcy »

The search feature helps us all
When we are trying to recall
Where is that thread?
I'm sure I read...
Or was it only in my head?
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Search Function

Post by Twilightfanatic »

I use it all the time, now. Recently, one of the threads I started a long time ago was locked because it was a multiple which I admitted to. I felt really bad about that. Not just saying it, doing it.

Well, whenever I'm looking for a thread, I use the search. Every time before I create a new thread, I use the search. So, no more worries with me. ;)

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Post by Kissa »

Well, you know me Mayde. I use it constantly. :lol:

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Post by vampires_4_ever_1104 »

I've actually been using it a lot more now than I had been! I've been starting to notice how many threads keep getting locked and how annoying it can be, so I figured it's better for everyone that way! It's not like it's hard to use or anything!
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Post by Abigail »

I use it a lot now. It's a lot easier than searching through pages and pages of threads.
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Post by katherynne »

White Shadow wrote:I use it whenever I start a new topic. Other than that I hardly ever use it. It's really helpful though, I'm glad it's there!

sameeeeee! <3

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Post by patienceisavirtue »

I use this often. I seem to be retarded when it comes to using the search option and I can never seem to narrow my topic down enough. I usually end up with over 1,000 posts or 60 pages to sort through. This saves me so much time and it also saves the mods the headache of having to lock my thread becasue it's already somewhere else. I love this help! :D
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Post by EmmaBiteMe »

Okay i use the SEARCH alot but it do not alway work you really have to know what you are looking for. and even than it tought a couple of times (two min ago) i have type in the name of a thread and where it was and i could not find it (mind you i have olny looked at three pages before i found it in my e-mail acount because it was easer (that olny works if you get nortify when a new post comes) (and i figerd if you dont look at the tread you dont get another one)
One thing i have knowedsted using the SEARCH is that the same post are at the top most of the time.

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