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Do you use the Search Feature on the Lexicon?

Yes, I use it all the time.
Yes, but I only use it sometimes.
No, because I don't know how to use it.
No, because I just don't like it.
Total votes: 223

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Post by pinkstar »

I use it very rarely.

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Post by cami1219 »

I love the search feature for some reason!!! it's so much fun to use and it comes in very handy when your looking for a long gone thread.

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Post by Mayde »

Whosafraidofthebigbadwolf wrote:baha. i didn't know we had one!

We do! The link is just under the Lexicon picture, between "FAQ" and "Back to the Lexicon". You should definitely try it sometime.

White Shadow
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Post by White Shadow »

I use it whenever I start a new topic. Other than that I hardly ever use it. It's really helpful though, I'm glad it's there!
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Post by Mayde »

Okay, if you haven't seen it already, there is a thread in the "Quench Your Thirst" Forum called Search: Need Help Finding Something? and I need your help. There's a section for "Popular Threads", and I was wondering if you could suggest threads that are really popular here on the Lex. I went through and picked the ones I thought were popular, but I'm sure I'm probably missing something very obvious. Thanks!
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Post by chica_chilena »

At the vey beginning I didn't know we had one. After i discovered it, the lexi life became much easier (wow, I sound like a commercial...)

But yeah, the search function is very helpfull. That's why I use it all the time now :D
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alanna the knightess
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Post by alanna the knightess »

I use it all the time. Like, if I know there's a topic about the phone call in NM, but I can't find it, I use search. Or if I have an opinion, I use search to find the topic so I can post on a thread like it. Or I use it to say on other threads, "Hey, this is already a topic."
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Post by [deanna] »

i have used it!! (only twice but who cares i know its there and will use it as i need it :lol:) i didnt realize it was there when i first started and posted a thread that already existed. i felt bad and so now i use the search feature :D

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Post by Apple »

I use it very often when I have found a prospect for a Twilight Movie role. Other than that, not really, but I rarely create threads on my own.

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Post by E.C. Dahlia »

I rarely use it. There are so many choices that come up when I search something that I don't have the patience to look through them. I usually get side-tracked on the first page :wink: But I don't start a topic without searching it first, if that's what you're wondering.
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