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Do you use the Search Feature on the Lexicon?

Yes, I use it all the time.
Yes, but I only use it sometimes.
No, because I don't know how to use it.
No, because I just don't like it.
Total votes: 223

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Post by belle_flanders »

I remember my first day lex I used the search tool to look for Jake's topics.
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Post by XxKatiexX »

I would like to know if the chat will be back soon. Does anyone know ?

Learning to Love Green
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Post by XxKatiexX »

sry didn't want to post two messages ...

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Post by PixieDrink »

I use the search feature all the time
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Post by urcoolcarrie »

i use the search feature. BUT... i do wish that when you searched an author that it would take you right to the post that they did. i like looking up people, but i want to know what they wrote. it takes a while to go through all the pages in the topic just to find what one person wrote.
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twilight the movie

Post by anaidcullen »

I just wonder if there is a thread to discuss about the movie and the cast, I was wondering who were the other options to play the characters.
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Post by Our Icy Affection »

I sometimes use the search option. It's kind of confusing how to use it though. Its helpful when I can't find a thread that I saw a week or a month ago.

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Post by VPnymph »

I think it's really fun to search random things all the time! hehe. xxx
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