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Sophie Cullen
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Post by Sophie Cullen »

I have two brothers. I'm the oldest at 15. My brothers are 12 and 2. Quite an age gap. :P

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Post by Ruby »

I'm the oldest. I have a younger brother, he's 14. I have to say that being oldest is awsome because you can do whatever you want, and no one worries too much because they're concerned about the baby of the family.

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Post by daniiidarko »

i'm the youngest,and i loveee it.
i'm youngest only by a year and a half though.
i have two older brothers.
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Post by StupidxLamb »

I have a 9 and an 11 year old brother. I have a 13 year old sister, and I have a 17 year old brother and a 19 year old sister. I'm 15. Right in the middle. And boy do I get treated like the middle child.
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Post by ethereal_eternity »

oldest! bwahhahahhahaha

i feel like a second mom to my younger sister a lot, even though she's two years younger than me lol.

i reaaaalllllyyyy want a younger brother to tease and bother ;( lmao.

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Post by scriptique »

I'm youngest of 3. It's a disadvantage, coz everything that you do has already been done before. And it's not exactly that much fun when you have 2 geniuses for sisters, and your parents are sort of putting the pressure for you to be like them even though your heart's set on something they don't consider very genius-like.

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Post by JaDe_ViPeR08 »

I have five sisters and a brother.

Sunnie is 32 and in the National Guard
Anita and Robert (twins) are 30, Anita was in the Coast Gurad and Robert was in the Navy
Stephanie is 24 and in the Air Force
Lorraine is 21 and works the front desk at the Rio in Vegas
I (Samantha) am 17 and and have no idea what want to do but am contemplating the Air Force
Mariecela is 13 and wants to be a bus driver.

Sunnie is the oldest, apple of everyone's eye. Robert is the only boy, the son, they dote on him to this day. Anita is the sweethaert, you can't be mad at Nitty no matter what she's done. Stephanie si the "screw-up" we all secretly admire her even if Grandma Lorraine did disown her for marrying Baptist.
Lorraine is the oddball, Lori's the only one who never thought about military ever, she's also the prettyest and only a little spoiled she is my favorite sister and would be my favorite sibling f Robert wasn't such an awesome big brother. I am the "smart kid" can't do anything right, with all my brains I should know better blah blah blah will never measure up t any of my olders coz they all di it before me but if I don't then I'm a dissappointment. Mariecela is the baby, Mae is soooo spoiled and bratty and whiney and self centered and still we all love her to death. I also know she will get beat up when she starts public school next year.

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Post by wellthat'slife »

Have one sister.

She is named Emily and is 11 years old. She is pure evil. Ironically her middle name is Jayne (Yes spelt dieffrent though)

I am older than her and she always gets her own way.

We are total opposite. She is the pretty dance girl, I'm the one with the brains. She's blonde with blue eyes, I'm brown with brown eyes.

But for some reason, after all her flaws, I still love her.
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Post by Puzzie219 »

I'm the youngest. I have 2 older brothers. We're actually pretty equally separated, one is 5 years older than me and the other is 9 years older than me. I like being the youngest, but I do usually get the most attention, which I actually hate. oh well. :roll:

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Post by evermoreimmortal »

I'm the youngest, but my situation is really awkward:

I have three siblings:

One sister in her twenties

A brother (And sister-in-law in their twenties)

And a sister who would be turning sixteen this November...

...but they're all out of the house, except for me.
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