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Post by SunKist »

How many siblings does everyone have and what are you in the family...oldest, middle, youngest or only child?

there are 3 kids(not really kids anymore lol) in my family

I'm the middle child..

I have an older sister who is 21
and a younger brother who is 17.

Edit - sorry I put in an option for only child but it didnt show up for some reason
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Post by Rebecca »

I have a younger sister who's 2 years old, whereas I am 14.
I know, kind of a big age-gap. :roll: Tell that to my mother. :lol:
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Post by emmajeanjumpingbean »

i'm the youngling i have one sister she's eighteen, three years older than me. i love her :) i think i will cry when she goes to live in costa rica for a year :( and then she'll be off to college :(
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Post by Murasaki »

I don't have brothers nor sisters. It's something sad. I would love to have a sibling :(

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Post by ColdOne »

I'm the middle child.

I have two brothers... I wanted a sister, no luck.

My older brother is 22, I'm 17 (turning 18 in April) and my younger brother is 15.

Whee for being the middle child!

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Post by Banna »

I'm the youngest, and against popular belief...I'm so not spoiled. Uh, I actually have one full-blooded sibling then two half-blooded siblings. The two halves live in California, and I can't really recall a time when they've ever lived with us...though it might have been when I was a baby. I think my half sister is around 28(?) and my half brother roughly 25/26(?) I have no idea of their exact ages which is horrible, I know. As for my full sister, she's 17. Me and her are exactly one year and six months a part. So, for half the year she gets to be two years older than me and for half the year we're only one year apart. If you view it that way. *shrug* I'm 15 By the way.

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Post by Wolbachia »

I'm the oldest child. I'm thirteen, and my brother turned eleven on the fifteenth. His name is Edward, by the way.
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Post by Emmy »

I have an older sister named Christine who's 17. And I'm 14.

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Post by Imalshen »

Whee! Sibs!

I'm the baby of the family, but I'm not a baby anymore. I'm 18, my sis is 19-almost 20- and my brother is 21. I've never been spoiled but I've never suffered dire consequences like my sibs because I simply watched their mistakes: my bro got the temper and my sis the softies, and I got both so I learned to control my temper and be firm, and in the process became the one who always gets sick from emotional stress, but is happy anyways because she has no big regrets.

But I DO have a lot of living up to do. My brother is a certified genius who was PAID to go to college (imagine that) and my sister is model hot. I'm kind of plain and my academics aren't strong, but I am very artistic and stuff so I've made a little legacy of my own already, hoping to stop being known as "the little one" one of these days. lol

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Post by xxTopaz_heartxx »

I am the oldest...I'm turning 14 in March.

I have a brother who is 10, and a sister who is turning 6.
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