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Wandering Through Town
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Post by -Ashley »

My nail polish at the moment is 'ice electric blue'. I'm feeling random.

What's your nail polish?
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Post by Fangs-OX »

Haha, that be an awessome colour for hair! Mine are just blank, i don't wear any thign tested on animals and I don;'t own any nailpolish not tested on animals yet, I gave it all to my sister I miss my black nail polish and Magestic purple!!!!!!!!!!
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Wandering Through Town
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Post by not_done_baking »

lol, this is so wonderfull random... um, my Turquoise Wave or something is chipped... and all my nail polish is at my dads house... I think next week will be a deep chocolate brown.
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Wandering Through Town
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Post by -Ashley »

My favourite is this glittery red top coat. It looks like Dorthy's slippers.
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Post by pinkstar »

I dont like to color my nails at all.But I when I do I like them clear,and I love the french manicure.Which reminds me I have to go get them done.

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Post by Verdande »

I usually don't wear nail polish any more, but my favorites used to be green or yellow, my mom said it looked like I hade some kind of nail sickness. Before that I used to wear black. I usually polished my nails when I was in a bad mood, so maybe it's a good sign that I don't use it any more...
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Post by jadoretoi »

Mines red, but it has a hot pinkish hue to it.
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Post by sarah-belle »

Right now my nails are lime green. My mom says it looks like I've been picking my nose :roll: .lol
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Wandering Through Town
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Post by helena »

i have all my nails painted black except my pinky wich is, well, pink. lol.
(im just copying Jade from AFI. im not very original when it comes to nail polish.)
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Post by Ebony »

The nail polish on my fingers has almost come off all the way except for one little bit. They used to be a shiny blue color.
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