What's driving you insane right now?

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Red_Ink wrote:
Sara Rose wrote:
*tries to dodge frozen turkey* why cant you date til you are 16?!
It's just a standard we have in our church... we're not supposed to date until we're 16 because it's been known to cause problems.

my mom says she'll let me date when I'm 25.
I'm sure she is joking.......right???

I can date, I just haven't yet. Guys are so immature in my school.

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I'm sorry to get all off and the dating thing does suck. My parents don't want me to date either, but whatever. I more or less do. But luckily for them, I don't like too many boys. *shrugs*


What's bothering me more and more each day(besides to fact that school starts Monday *shudder*) is that I got out of driving school a month ago and I've been able to get my license since the 20th of August, but I can't drive! The driving teach had mercy on me because it was her fault I didn't fully test in the first place and now she passed me out when I didn't deserve it. Now, I'm concerned about the people I might hurt or worse...and it FREAKS me out! I could just never drive....but my parents need me to and I need to and it's all just so frustrating! Ah! Maybe by my birthday(when I go get my license), I'll be magically improved. Or I could practice, if someone was willing to practice with me... :(
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its driving me crazy that I do not know wether or not I will be able to attend a signing with stephenie meyer. It is far away, but I want to go so badly!!!!
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The fact that I think I may have killed the 'Thing that would never be said in...' thread... Ah, well just my luck lol.
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my parents are having a party. yes, a party. and some of the music theyre passing.

umm...the fact that my dad wouldnt let me accept money from my neighbor.

i have no classes with one of my bffs thats a guy and is really cute and hes not on aim.

the fact that theres a party that alotta my friends are going to and i wasnt invited.

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LOVE is driving me insane. i apologize for the cheesy and emo topic, but seriously!
WHY of WHY must i fall in love? and if i must fall in love, why can't it be with someone capable of maybe liking me a little bit?
I let myself fall completely for this guy almost 3 years older and THEN i let my well-meaning friends make me tell him i liked him (which of course is a vast understatement of my feelings for him) which of course he responded saying he does not have the same feelings. though i am a "cool person" which is good for him. as any guy with half a brain cell would not like me.

my parents let me date, but they are strict. and they hate the good guys and love the horny potheads.
it is just lucky for them that very few guys like me.
it's only the dumb ones that ever do. i am crazy, hard to keep occupied, random and a it rhymes with witch, and mean. those are all words from a guys mouth.

also driving me crazy is the only other guy i've ever been in love with sitting next to me at lunch the other day. and his wonderful relationship with a girl i love. and the fact they are so PERFECT. i am so happy for them, yet so jealous!

and Spanish IV is driving me insane

really. i guess i'm already insane. maybe all this crap is driving me sane? that's even worse!


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Being sick. I hate it so much. Oh and school starts on Monday, gotta love that... :roll:

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school is. im so nervous about college. i have my first classes monday. this summer went by fast. sigh. :(
also, the last weekend of work was crazy. and i didnt want the week to end that way.
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School and applying for early admissions for college. My parents redundantly remind me every single day. I feel like there's not enough time to do everything that's expected of me and that stuff I want to do. I guess time is my adversary that I can never beat or control. I don't remember a single day i haven't looked at my watch, nonetheless not wear one.
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The Fact that Breaking Dawn is not in my hands....a whole year to wait my baby's fate! :cry:
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