What is height to you?

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Post by ~Foxiego~ »

girls: 5'8"+

boys: 6'0"+
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Post by fluffyrose »

I'm 5'7, my sisters are 5'4 and 5'8, and both my parents are about 5'9-10 (i'm european, i prefer the metric system). I think girls taller than 5'10 are tall, and guys taller than 6'2 are tall :P Most guys I know though are 6'2-4, so I'm getting used to it and don't feel so tiny next to them anymore. :D
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Post by lalalie »

Well I am 5'9 and 1/2 so I guess I am kind of tall, but anything over 5'7 for girls i think is tall. most of my friends are basketball players like me though so a lot of them are girls and like 5'11 and6'1.
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Post by SunKist »

im 5'0 also about to be 20 and not growing anymore... my mom is the same height as is my sister but my brother is like 5'7 which isnt really tall for a guy but tall to me haha....
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Post by TheLisser »

My whole family is pretty short. I'm only 5'0 almost 5'1 , my sister is 5'2 my mom is 5'2 as well and my dad is 5'4 ...so I know my family isn't really tall but most of my friends are around 5'7 so I don't find that tall, just I'm short. I think 6'2 + is tall.
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Post by Aoi Sakura »

Anything taller than me is tall (and I'm only 5'3"!), so most people I know are "tall." But height doesn't bother me too much; I have friends that are 6'3" and 4'10", so we've got a wide range.

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Post by xXBe.My.ObsessionXx »

I generally come from a really short family. My mom's 5'2" and my dad's 5'1". Haha yeah my mom's taller than my dad. It's funny when they stand next to each other. :lol:

So basically I'm stuck at the 5' range. So yea. I'm pretty short. I consider anyone above 5'6" to be tall, but I could be a little biased due to my own height. :(
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Post by zerolover34 »

i'm like inbetween 5'2 and 5'3 i really don't know my exact height but i'm short

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Post by Red_Ink »

Pfftt. I'm 4'12.

Alice is 4'10.

I'm taller then alice, then again, she's most likely thinner than me.
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Post by Breathtaking_Soul »

I'm 5'3. But I dont really care. I just wish I had longer legs.
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