What does your username or nickname mean?

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leopardgirl314 wrote:^I like your username :D
Fanks :)
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I was struck with inspiration from SM's The Host for my username.
One of Wanderer's many names (when she was a Bear) was "Lives in the Stars". The imagery was so beautiful and poetic for me -- plus the fact that I have always been fascinated with the endlessness and profound beauty of the stars and outer space that it just...fit for me.
And just recently, I came across this quote, which I have since hung up in my room: "Reach for the moon. If you miss, you will land among the stars."

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The BellaSwan part is because I've never related to a character like I do to Bella's. She as klutzy as I am, she's an old soul like I am, she's sarcastic ((I'm way more, but still)), she's uber stubborn like I am, she's independent like I am, we both have no rhythm ((in terms of dancing)) whatsoever, she's selfless like I am, etc.

The Cullen part is because I'd marry Edward too. XD I'm looking for a soulmate like Edward is to her.

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My name kind of speaks for itself too. :D

I chose it cause I want to be Bella. Bella, in the early twilight days, had an affection for Edward, which grew and grew and grew. Now, I'm starting off slow too. :D
The Icy is because that's what Edward is, ICY!
And, of course, its Edward and me, thus the "our".

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My nickname, coon, was given to me after I had a experience with a raccoon. It was on of the bigest ones I have ever seen. ANd then it chased me but that is not important.
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username: GeMiNi_LoVeS_eDwArD= im a gemini and i love edward

nickname #1: joss= short for jocelyn

nickname #2: spidermouse= people thought i looked like a mouse, and my voice can get pretty high when im, excited, p!ssed, nervous, etc. one day this guy saw me doing the splits and said i looked like a spider. the two names morphed and i became spidermouse
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well mine spiker21 is because i play volleyball and so spiker means that i am a hitter so i spike it in peoples faces all the time and 21 is my number in sports i am numba 21!!
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umm i like emmett haha
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Well I've already posted here long ago.
But I have a few nicknames now, and I want to explain them.

Twilightvampire17: 1. I <3 Twilight. 2. I want to be a vampire XD
3. Edward forever 17...XD =Twilightvampire17 aka TV17

Next Nickname:
Jumpy (Monica Mancini)
Some of the older Lex members remember and call me Jumpy.
I got the name in the Mafia thread. :twisted:

Yes Jumpy is reserved for those who know me! I'm sorry!

Kit (Chan) (See banner)

My real name is Sarah Catherine.
Kit is a form of Catherine.
(getting my name changed to Kit.)
Chan is what my friends and I call each other.

Ali Chan
Eli Chan
Kit Chan
Crit Chan
Greg Chan
My lovers XD

So if call me Kit k?
Jumpy is kind of well only for P, and Nachos, (Grace), Andi, Lefty,
and a few others. XD
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my username is an abbreviation of my name... Nicole Alyse. That is also really the only nickname I go by. Nicaly, usually pronounced like the russian Nikoli.

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