What's you are fav fruit?

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Do you like kiwis(the fruit)?

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What's you are fav fruit?

Post by twilightluver289 »

I'm curious what your favorite fruit is. Mine's kiwis. i love them . They're a pretty cool color. They feel fuzzy. Ok enough of my rambling. Besides, I ran out of things to say about kiwis. :wink: But seriously, what's your favorite? :D
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Post by NIKKI »

hmm.... kiwis are good, but i would have to say that strawberrys are my favorite fruit.

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Post by Harasliz »

My favorite fruit are Blood Red Oranges!!!!

I don't have a clue why they're red, but they're the best fruit!!! Love them!

Although Kiwis are good too.

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Post by gimic »

I dunno what my favorite fruit is, though i do love kiwis. But, i remember the last time i had one, i had braces, and the acids in the kiwi mixed with the metal on my teeth made my mouth hurt ALOT. But, i still love them. :wink:
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Post by Violet »

ohh, such an.. original topic. =D

i like watermelons, lemons [yes, i said lemons], and strawberries. especially when they're chocolate-covered. but i've never tried kiwis. kiwi flavored drinks? yes. actual kiwis? no.
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Post by Starfish127 »

Strawberries and Bananas. I haven't had Kiwis since elementary school so I don't remember what they taste like. I should go out and buy one.

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Post by Irrevocable Love »

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Post by PinkPixie »

the little seeds get stuck in gmy teeth, now give me an Asian Pear any day!

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Post by blood_lust »

I like cantalope, strawberries(especially covered in chocolate! yum yum), bananas, and kiwis! :mrgreen:
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Post by Rosalie »

I love strawberries and green grapes. Kiwi is good, but not one of my favorites.

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