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Post by Wolf_Gurl »

I was just wondering what movies y'all have seen recently (or in the past) that made you cry. We were talking about it in class a day or two ago and I was just wondering. Here's my list:

Remember the Titans
Pearl Harbor
Save the Last Dance

There were quite a few more, but I can't remember them. Basically when someone on screen cries, then I cry. lol

Tell me what your thoughts are.

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Post by Firewind »

I don't think I've ever really cried during a movie. There's been one movie that I teared up, and that was the Passion of the Christ.
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Post by The Leading Lady »

For some reason I cried at the end of Happy Feet.....But then again, our entire group did for some reason......
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Post by y3nd0 »

Wow... I cried during Radio, too. :P Although it had a wonderful ending, it was so touching...

I can't recall any movies in which I cried RECENTLY... but I know I WILL cry when I watch Together and Somewhere In Time. :)
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Post by jesseh »

For some reason, I've NEVER cried during a movie. Ever. Lots of my friends think I'm heartless or something because of it. I think I've gotten close to crying like, once. But never flowing tears, y'know?

I have sobbed uncontrollably during books, though. And that makes absolutely no sense to me. o_O

Ah well, I guess I'm just weird. -shrugs-
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Post by TwilightObsessed »

The Notebook - I cried in the theater, then actually bawled when I watched it again at home.
The Passion of the Christ - I was seriously sobbing in the theater
Finding Neverland - Freddie Highmore's eyes always get me at the end... :cry:

The latest movie to make me cry is Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont. OMIGAH, that movie is amazing...I love it. And plus, it has Mr. blue-eyed, Orlando-Bloom-lookalike Rupert Friend in it:


Yeah, he pretty much made me cry. But I can't tell you why! You HAVE to rent it and check it out for yourself!
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Post by ashleycouture »

The Passion of The Christ - I just couldn't believe how real it was... simply amazing

Lord of The Rings: Return of The King - I don't know if it was so much the movie itself or the fact that it was all over (I went to the midnight showing and me and all three of my friends were bawling at the end of the movie)

Armagedeon - The part where she is saying goodbye to her dad makes me cry everytime I see the movie.

Triston and Isolde - I hate that he dies but I guess life doesn't always go the way you want it to.

Titanic- Another one where the guy dies... so sad

Pearl Harbor - and again.... more death... no fun.

The Pursuit of Happyness - That movie just tugs at your heartstings...

I know there are alot more but can't think of any at the moment.

I'm a sucker for a good heartfelt movie, I can't help it.
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Post by Verdande »

Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King is the sadest movie I know. If I'm alone when I watch it I will cry. But then the movie has some deeper meaning to me. The combination of the sadness of the movie, the meaning the story has to me and personal memories makes me cry. When I hear Into the West in the end I'm usually exhausted because of all the feelings.

I think A Walk to Remember made me cry, though I'm not sure.
Black Golde Movie nearly made me cry. I saw it in the theatre and I don't cry when there are other people present, if I had seen it alone I probably would. It's about African coffee farmers, the world is a horrible place. If you ever get the chance to see this one you should.
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Post by Mayde »

I can only remember 2 movies where I've cried.

A Little Princess-I cried at the part where she's like it's me Sarah and her dad's like I don't know you. Then the police are taking her away.

The Notebook-I cried at the end where they died.
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Post by Forsaken »

oh! A little princess was SO incredibly sad

I've never cried over a movie
but there are a few that had me close

the first time I watched the Notebook
the end of Moulin Rouge is basically the saddest thing EVER
and, pathetically
Winnie the Pooh: the search for christopher Robin
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