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Post by GoldenTwilight »

Cracking my knuckles. Actually, cracking everything. I crack my neck, back, knees, toes, hip, ankles, wrist. Mostly I crack my knuckles/fingers and my neck.

I've tried to stop because I know it's not good for yout but I can't. I do it without even noticing that I do.
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Habits Gone Bad

Post by menti belle »

I have far too I'll only share a few with you.

-I tend to tilt my head and stare at people without stopping--according to my friend, it's extremely annoying.

-I clatter my teeth when I'm pissed.

-When I'm reading hardcover books, I drum my fingers against the sides...

-Cracking my ankles

-And, possibly the worst is that I tend to draw on people who sit too close to me. Poor people....
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Post by Hirschie's Chocolate »

I bite my nails a lot, but I'm trying to stop! I have some nails now, but I still naw on them and I'm relentless on my cuticles...:(

My friend cracks every joint in her body, but one day about 2 weeks ago she told me she was quitting and she was complaining about "you don't know how hard it is," so I said that I deffinitely know how hard--I've quit and failed many times. And then she got the idea to be "quitting buddies." I didn't want to at first, and when I got home I went to town on my nails, completely failing. But now I'm basically serious (However, my mind saying 'stop, stop!' doesn't always make me stop....). Having nail polish on makes it a little easier. Apparently it's supposed to take 21 days to break a habit....

I also bounce my knees a lot, and when I'm standing I just bounce, I've started to drum my fingers on stuff, even the inside of my hand, and I'm sure there's other stuff I can't think of.

And that's my long rant on a basically dead thread. ^^'
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Post by jenn_1314 »


-procrastination [atleast i'm not the only one]
-nail biting
-knuckle cracking
-making a sreaming/shouting/frustrated sortof noise when I make a mistake


-sitting with my legs crossed.

I'm not even joking.
I don't usually play the first set in a game. So I was sitting on the bench with my legs crossed. You know, like when you were younger, you would sit on the carpet in front of the teacher with your legs crossed as she read a book to the class. Well, thats what I did, and I didn't get to play tha game. We lost, and after most of the players and spectators had gone home, I asked him why he didn't puy me in. He said cuase I had my legs cross. That's all he said. I was mad and confused at the same time. Stupid leg-crossing habit.

/End rant.
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Post by Forsaken »

not counting the illegals such as cigarettes and alcohol?
I chew the inside of my cheeks ALL the time and I suck my thumb in my sleep

and I cant help fidgeting
I have to tap something or rip paper or...something
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Post by starlight13 »

my worst habit is definitely procrastinating. i leave EVERYTHING unitl the last possible minute. whatever i do, i can't break this habit. i also crack my knuckles, wrist, back, toes, and ankle. this gets really annoying to people who sit near me in class. hehe. i also tend to annihilate things when i am mad. i.e. pens, pencils, paper. and then my room is always messy. no matter what.
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Post by blueray1 »

i used to play with my hair all the time, but now it's just when i'm nerves. hopefully soon i can stop.
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Post by forevermagik »

I bite my nails.
I also crack my knuckles, wrists, elbows, neck, toes, ankles....the list goes on and on.
So now I have incredibly short nails (nothing works, not even painting them) and will probably have arthritis in every single joint in my body when I'm older 'cause I cracked them too much now.
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Post by Cliche Horror Film »

-I bite my nails...
-I crack my knees, toes, fingers, and wrists a lot.
-I have a problem with just staring off into space when I'm thinking about something, especially in the middle of conversation...
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Post by VampireLoverxoxo »

-Biting my nails
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