Odd But... Any Disney lovers Out there?

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Odd But... Any Disney lovers Out there?

Post by PinkPixie »

Ok i know this is odd but. I'm a major Disney movie Buff! I was wondering if there are any others and whats your fav movie and sence or any that just get ya every time.

Mine would be Aladin (1 and 3) loved it all my life.
the one sence that always gets me is, in Mulan when she is leaving her home and cutting her hair, it so touching, she's risking everything for her family.

ok i know i'm a Dork but i will never grow up. haha
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Post by Alphie »

Why is loving Disney being a dork? I've been a Disney lover for as long as I can remember. I worked at the Disney Store for about four years as a seasonal employee. That means I worked during schools breaks, which was perfect. I had to quit when they went to four hours shifts. I couldn't justify working four hours, taking a two hour break, and working another four hours. They were getting ten hours of my time and only paying me for eight.

But that aside, I got free admission to the theme parks while I worked there. I've been to Disney World too many times. I'm waiting for my little girl to reach three before I take my kids, though. Taking anyone less than two on an extended vacation is just pointless. We'll go next year when she can enjoy it more.

My favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast. All of my "real" collectables are B&B related. I have boxes and boxes of Disney stuff, but I only have a handful of truly expensive collectable items. I have three cricells - two of which are autographed by Paige O'Hera, the voice of Belle, and I have one porcelain figurine of her as she walks through the town singing the opening number.

My biggest Disney show off, though, is doing the voices. My mother has always said that I have a knack for changing my voicne to sound like the person singing the song. My best impressions are the mice from Cinderella - and I do mean mice as I imitate all of them, and Peg and the dogs in the dog pound in Lady and the Tramp. I do a pretty good Si and Am, now that I think of it. Those are the Siameese Cats, By the way. Character voices are so much easier than normal voices. Ariel is pretty easy to do, though. In fact, I can sing Part of Your World in German. I'm THAT pathetic.

So yeah, you could say I'm a Disney fan.

Trivia moment - did you know that Bella is in The Hunchback of Notre Damn and the Beast is in Aladdin? Ten points to the first one to tell me where they are!
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Post by michL87 »

My favorite is Aladdin. Then the Little Mermaid. I have a playlist on my iTunes for Disney songs. (Although, I threw in some Anastasia and Thumbalina.)

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Post by ilubbyousomuch »

I LURVE Disney!!! My favorite movie is Pocahontas or Mulan-I can't chose-I am also a HUGE fan of Disney songs.
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Post by bgxfileschick »

I'm also a Disney buff - I have a large collection of disney DVD's and also some collectibles. I have a large collection of LE Disney Plates and Pins and also a growing collection of the Harmony Kingdom boxes. I'm a little obsessed with Disney villains stuff at the moment. My favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast - I never get sick of it. My second favorite is Alice in Wonderland. I'm not sure what my all time favorite scene is but I really love the tea party in Alice :)
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Post by ~Foxiego~ »

DISNEY, Disney, disney, disney!!! I LOVE disney!!! And everyone knows it!! It is currently a dream job of mine to dress up as a Disney princess at Disneyland by profession. I just love kids, and seeing them look at me like I'm their hero(as I used to do as a kid.....and still catch myself doing occasionally) would be simply WONDERFUL!! Heh, that's kind of sad, huh?

I have had annual passes to Disneyland since the age of 3, when I first saw my favorite Disney princess, Belle, from my favorite Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast(which came out on my birth year -I think that's so cool!), inside Sleeping Beauty's castle and freaked out. That's when my parents realized I loved Disney-lol! :lol: And it's still one of my sacred childhood memories.

I have porcelain Disney princess dolls that are so beautiful, and I love them! I have Disney princess banks(basically each princess and what I like to call "sort of" princesses with holes in their heads for money.) I have disney pens, paper, notebooks, binders, and all other school stuff-lol! I have Ariel bedsheets, disney towels, almost every disney cd known to man, and all the movies, of course!

My favorite Disney movies go in this order(I've thought long and hard about his, btw-lol): Beauty and the Beast, The little Mermaid, The lion King, Lady and the Tramp, Aladdin.

As for non-Disney movies, my favorite will always be Thumbelina!! I have so much stuff from Thumbelina; I love Thumbelina!! Plus, I thought it was so cool that Jodi Benson(the voice of Ariel) was also the voice of Thumbelina. I once met Jodi Benson at a church camp, and I totally freaked out. While every other girl there was like, "You're Ariel -that's so cool!" I was like "OHMYGOSH OHMYGOSH OHMYGOSH" lol! I also met scott Weigner, the voice of Aladdin and Steve from Full House. I love Aladdin and Full House, so that was too awesome! ^_^

And to answer Alphie's trivia question: The Beast is one of the toys the Saltan is playing with when Jafar comes in towards the beginning of the movie. And isn't Belle one of Quasimoto's handmade figurines? I don't know about that one.... Ok, this one is kind of obvious, but Sebastian the crab is in Aladdin too-lol! I won't even make this a trivia question, because everyone should know where he is-lol! ^_^
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Post by Hellish Red Devil »

Who doesn't love Disney? It's a small world after all! :D But don't make me pick my fave Disney movie. That's way too hard! (...I wish I could do the voices! I'm jealous, Alphie.)
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Post by pelirroja »

My favorite classic Disney is Sleeping Beauty. I'm in the blue dress camp.

For the newer ones I'm stuck between Mulan and Pocahantas being my favorites as far as overall plots go. Musically, I think I like Beauty and the Beast best.

The only Disney films I really hated were Dumbo and Pinocchio
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Post by Kara »

DIsney is great!!! :D I love Mulan, Beautey and the beast, and finding Nemo.
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Post by Alphie »

I'm with Pel - Dumbo and Pinocchio were lame. But you know what, the one I have the MOST trouble sitting through - of the classics that is - would be Snow White. The whole thing is in rhymed couplets. That's fine if you're doing Shakespere, but not for this.

Yes, the beast is on of the Sultan's toys. Well spotted. Belle, however, is in the crowd. When Quasi sings "Out There" and he gets to the line "Out there amoung the millers and the waevers and their wives, through the roofs and gables I can see them" Look for Belle to go wandering through the crowd reading her book. You might need the letterbox version to see it.

Here are a few other random trivia facts:

The rain drops at the end of Beauty and the Beast form little Mickey Mouses.

At the end of Monsters Inc, Boo hands Sully a Jessie doll and the star ball from Toy Story as well as a Nemo toy.

In Beauty and the Beast when Phillipe the horse does the double take on the creepy looking sign, the words on the sign point to Anaheim. There is another real place listed, but I can't remember what it is.

And now for a question - Long before Aladdin, another Disney charater was labled as "a diamond in the rough." Can you name him? (This was an actual trivia question used on the offical Disney Cast Member Trivia contest.)
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