Whats your eye color?

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Post by darktimesharry77 »

I have brown eyes, sometimes they turn to green.
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Post by Nods and Smiles »

Mine change colour too...it's kind of weird.
They're originally hazel(ish) but then can go really green, really brown or sort of grey(ish). Tis strange.
They're sort of like a mood ring... :D
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Post by nymphetamine_overdose »

when the weather is cold my eyes are goldish and when it is warm, they are greenish with brown flecks and when i am angry or its hot out, they are black, thats from being part native american. laugh out loud huh?
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Post by wellthat'slife »

mY eyes are brown. But really,really,really dark brown. i think mine are the darkest eyes I've seen so far.

But seriously this boy I know (Nathan, though his brother Ciaran and sister Chloe do have eyes simalar) who has the weirdest and loveliest eyes ever. They are like A very deep green on the inside then it fades to sapphire and around the rim it's liek grey. They are amazing. I was talking to him one day and was like "Do you know, you have amazing eyes."

But anyway there we go.
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Post by KaseyHeartEdward »

My eyes are hazel whith some flecs of gold. When i wear green then the my eyes look very striking! I heart my eyes they are so pretty. Smiles
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Post by THE Real Duckie »

I have Brown eyes. that all.
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Post by IWannaBeAdored »

You know the song Temptation by New Order?

It goes:
Oh, you've got green eyes.
Oh, you've got blue eyes.
Oh, you've got grey eyes.

That pretty much describes my eye color, although it only usually looks green when I wear green eyeshadow. I'm going with grey.
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Post by Dark_Fairy »

Mine are very very light blue. I get comments on them all the time, it's very nice.
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Post by StupidxLamb »

Mine are gray/blue and then I have a really dark blue circle around my iris. It's awesome!
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Post by iL0VEVaMPiRES »

My eyes when i was little were like blue saphires. im serious lol. but now they are still blue but they got some what paler and now they switch from blue to gray constantly.

So if i wear a blue shirt there blue and you can see the blue and if i wear any other color basically there gray. so i have blue-gray eyes. :D

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