Whats your eye color?

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Post by Allessandra »

My eyes are a sort of dull green-ish brown-ish yellow-ish and sometimes blue-ish color. I just call it hazel; it's easier that way.

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Post by Serenity Volturi »

Pixelated_Ghostie wrote:I'm not sure. Everyone I asks says blue. But they're green! there's only a little ring of blue around the edge, but they're green. They just look blue from a distance, and even if they look at my eyes up close they say they're blue! They're green >w<
I can make the same argument, but according to everyone and my birth certificate and all records with IDs, my eyes are blue. When I wear blue my eyes turn bright blue, but when I wear green, they kind of turn green. Like Pixelated_Ghostie said, up close they really look green with a light blue ring around my eyes, but from afar, they look blue. I guess my eyes can't make up their mind... lol

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Post by Isabella Cullen »

Mine are just brown.
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Post by KC_91 »

Mine are blue/grey/green. Like a lot of people have said before, depending on what I wear they change. But most of the time they're all three colors.
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Post by Nokomis »

Mine are blue. Sometimes they are a bright sky blue, and sometimes they are gray blue. It usually depends on my mood or what I'm wearing.
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Post by blackskies »

sigh- mine are brown... and I thought it was most common- everyone has some awesome exotic color :)
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Post by Awakening »

Totally jealous of all the green eyed color changers out there !
I have lame brown eyes... Not that brown eyes are ugly *
Its just for some reason i reallly want green eyes :cry:
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Post by i N S A N i T Y »

Mine are a sort of greenish grey with a little blue mixed in, but mostly green... I might take a picture later.
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Post by LillyBilly »

Mine are blue and green. With a bit of yellow-ey gold stuff in the middle, interperate it as you wish.
(I'm not good at puting pics up yet, but heres it is.)
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Post by Xx_Twilight_BE_xx »

I have blue/grey eyes
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