Whats your eye color?

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Post by Annabella »

My boyfriend, Edward, [Hehe. I love saying that.] has the greenest eyes I have ever seen. They're like emerald. It's amazing. I'll the picture real quick.
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Post by basements »

Elliott Smith's eyes have been described as "Green. Very green."

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Post by Chaos »

GREEN!!!! mine are freakishly green though. They look like limes when I wear black, its creepy. BUt then they change to an olive color on a regular basis!!
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Post by maryalice »

My eyes change colour. They're usually either light blue or light grey, though, with Gold around the pupil (Which is my favourite part of my eyes, I've never seen anyone with eyes like them). When I cry, though, they go, like, sapphire blue. I love it It makes me stop crying, too, because I'm too busy focusing on my eyes!
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Post by inhuman_beauty »

Full description of eyes -

My eyes are olive green when I wear dark colors/or eyeliner. When I wear light colors/or no make up they look light green. They look very light green after I cry, is that weird? I also have a black rim around my iris, I'm sure a lot of people have that but I find that it looks pretty cool, my eyes have been described as "catty" by people heehe.
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Post by pixielust »

... brown, dark brown.
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Post by rinna81 »

Mine are bright blue. Just a little bit darker than sky blue. I wish I had green eyes....every one in my family has hazel or greenish eyes except me! See --> Sorry if it's fuzzy Image
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Post by Kara13 »

I have brown. Just brown. I really wish I had green eyes.

Well even better would be having gold eyes but...

Post by Rosalie »

Mine are green-ish...blue-ish...etc-ish. Everyone that looks at them can never decide what they are. And sometimes they switch, which doesn't help determine the color verdict in the least bit. And I didn't believe they switched until people showed me photographs in which the colors were different (in all honesty, I didn't think eyes could actually do that--switch colors, I mean, lol).
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Post by bellaxmuerte »

I have just plain brown eyes...but the look kind of hazel sometimes and when I cry they look somewhat greenish but they're mostly just brown...

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