Whats your eye color?

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LeighAnna Love
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Whats your eye color?

Post by LeighAnna Love »

whats your eye color? mines green...lol show a pic if your super bored (I sure am)
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Post by twilightdreams »

Hazel, although it's more brown than green...

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Post by basements »

Mostly brown, sometimes it'll look more hazel than brown, but for most of the time brown.
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Post by tanzanite »

Mine are just brown.
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Post by Harasliz »


with a little hazel

a very little
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Post by Violet »

gosh. doesn't any one else have blue eyes?
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Post by Freesia »

Sorry darling, as much as I would like to say I have blue eyes I don't.

Mine are brown.. big surprise, eh?
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Post by Annabella »

I have grey eyes. They're kind of blue when it's dark, though.

Post by leashenikki »

eh, i just have plain brown eyes.
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Post by Taxi »

Mine are green and blue. Some days it's more of one than the other.
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