Parents ok with vampires?

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Post by kL1028 »

my mom is where i go my obsession haha....i mean im way worse than her but every vamp book i pick up she cant wait to read when im done...and my dads kind of eh about it i guess he thinks im kind of crazy for how obsessed i am but thats ok
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Post by Crespusculo_Rising »

My parents don't really care, but my best friend is an Evangelical Christian and her parents are really strict. She's had to borrow all the books from me and she would read them either at school or in her closet...Poor girl!

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Post by Minireb123 »

My parents are fine with me reading it but if i started obsessing and thinking I was a vampire I think they would speak up xD

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Post by msbrit90 »

i always read vampire books and they use to HATE it my mom would be like "why are you reading devil books"(lol) she hated them being in my room so she put them in a box back when i was like 15 or something. But im 17 now and they don't care to much no more, iv told her the twilight story and stuff...she can see that its sweet so i will probably bring her to the movie when it comes out.
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Post by MoonStarWithWings »

My parents don't really know... but I don't think they'd care.
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Post by Unchallenged »

MoonStarWithWings wrote:My parents don't really know... but I don't think they'd care.
yeh they tease me that im like obsessed with vampires
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Post by FireAndIce<3 »

My mum is convinced that I only read "dark" books, only because she started reading "How I Live Now" by Meg Rosoff, which isn't really dark, but still. It get's really annoying. :evil:
But anyway, they're not really bothered. We're not religious or anything so. . . :roll:
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Post by CéliAmbre »

My mom loves the books, she wouldn't complain xD
Sometimes my parents pretend to be annoyed, because I'm "obcessed", but what the heck, I don't care.
They trust me with books. They don't like it when I watch movies age rated 16 and 18 because I'm 14, but since I'm not very interested in that kind of movies it doesn't matter. But books has never been a problem.
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Post by simplenerd »

ElanorLuinmir wrote:I remember my parents watching Interview with a Vampire with me when it first came out
I was four when Interview first came out and my parents allowed me to watch it. When I eight I started asking about it again so my parents just accepted that I was into vampires. In fact that was when I first read Interview with the Vampire and I still have long conversations with my mother on different types of vampires; from Anne Rice to Stephenie Meyer to Christine Feehan.

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Post by ~twilight_princess~ »

Yeah, my parents are fine with it. I'm a mormon like Stephenie Meyer, but even before that my brother watched Buffy and they didn't care. My mother likes Twilight, and my dad has taken me to two signings... soo..

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