Parents ok with vampires?

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Post by Conzoni al Vento »

Hah! Why didn't i find this earlier??
I LOVE vampire books and movies and all that stuff. Considering i don't think they are real my parents should be okay with it and all... but they aren't . . .
It sucks that they aren't chill with the idea of a vampire becuase they think its morbid and devilish and not something of God. They aren't even psychoreligious people either so that statement totally makes no sense coming from them.
I don't get it.
I still love my books (have a closet shelf full of them!) and make them pay for it. Cake.
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Post by lalaith913 »

Well, this is an interesting thing. They don't disapprove, but I doubt they appreciate the obsession that has been forming. But then again, they go through this with everything I'm extremely interested in. I mean, it must not be all bad, considering I got Mom to read Twilight, and she likes it so far.
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Post by virginiax7 »

They just think I'm crazy for being so obsessed. But then don't mind. (I wouldn't know what to do if they didn't let me read Twilight! Gah!) :D
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Post by chompchomp57 »

my parents don't mind. my mom is the one that got me started. But sometimes she has to remind me Edward's not real.Both my parents know I'm smart enough not to go around biting people so as long as my behavior is under control they don't really care what I a point.
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Post by Bella_Edward4eternity »

At first my mom wasn't too sure about it. when I started reading twilight she was hesitant and i guess wanted to read them before I did. unfortunately for her I red the books in 4 days. Then I rented some more vamp books and she doesnt care. She already realizes I'm probably reading books she wouldn't like me to be reading but i read too fast for her to keep track. She just finished reading the Twilight books and loves them...although she wantes a bella and jacob ending where i want a bella and edward ending so we're having arguments over it.
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Post by Bam »

Not as if they are interested in what books I read, I don't think my parents would care if I read a book about vampires. I grew up with Harry Potter ten years ago and they didn't have a major issue is that. As long as someone can differentiate reality from fiction, I think they can read a wonderful book like Twilight. Honestly, I wouldn't mind Edward being reality :]
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Post by EdwardsGirl »

My parents respect me and my decisions. They are fine with it as long as I have a clear realization between reality and fiction.

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Post by xoxocamille »

Oh yeah, my parents are totally fine with it, you know. Just a couple of handsome vampires never hurt, like they say. And besides, they don't have to worry about feeding them and everything.

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Post by ~xMoonlightxTragedyx »

My mom actually is about to start reading them, now that she has more time. And my dad was the one who told me about Twilight a couple years ago. They also have bought all the books for me. So yeah they don't mind at all. As for Vampire and things like that. Me and my dad watch Van Helsing and Sleepy Hallow and al sorts od things with demons and vampires and mystical beasts. Dont bother them at all. Now they arnt going to like it I start worshiping things that are not real, but I would never, Im a christian good girl lol.
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Post by ElanorLuinmir »

I remember my parents watching Interview with a Vampire with me when it first came out.... I was in 4th grade I think?

My maternal grandma would probably have a few choice warning to give me though, but she's a fundie xtian so she got upset when I (at 18 years old) was reading Harry Potter. She also was one of those who got all upset at The DiVinci Code and didn't want any of us reading it (she would hardly listen to me tell her that it's not nearly as much about the whole 'Mary was Jesus' Wife' as much as it was about a group of people who BELIEVED this to be true).

My family has always been cool with my love of myths and legends.
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