Parents ok with vampires?

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Post by xVampiresxbitex »

are you kidding?! my mom and i have heated debates on these books on a daily basis. as for my dad, he can't stand them only because we talk about them so much. :lol:
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Post by Edward Love »

Actually my parents could care less what I read^^ they are even grateul if I read a book haha because before I read Twilight I never thought to even touch a book and know I'm reading Vampire, ghosts and over scary books xD like Dracula the Phantom of the Opera, Interwiev with a Vampire and so on...

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Post by mary_alice_brandon »

yea my parents aren't too thrilled. My dad especially, he is all religious and he hates all the books i read, I'm not allowed to read any books with witchcraft but I do anyway and I have a feeling he knows that, I'm not supposed to read Dan Brown's books either but I own them, lol no i am not rebeling against my parents I just find othe books boring, and if i didn't read the books they didn't want me to read i would die cause pretty much all is do is read... yea total nerd lol :D He actually looked up stephenie meyer on the internet to see what the books are about and he wasn't too happy when he found out, he is the one that took me to get eclipse nd when i came out he is like you do know that vampires don't excist right? Deamons do but vampires don't. I'm ike yea dad i know. :D
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Post by Bella_S_Black »

my parents dont mind what I read
and twilight isn't exactly horror
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Post by abstractaction »

My parents know that I'm a reliable kid, and I won't do anything crazy just because of what I read. Plus, they are kind of used to this stuff. I am very interested in things like that, and as long as I'm not bringing home any dead bodies they are ok with it. :mrgreen:

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Post by ChristineAnn »

My parents don't care.
My mom actually keeps bugging to give her Twilight so she can read it.
She has gotten great vulgar language is ugly about it from me and her friend.

vulgar langauge? i said feed back.
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Post by loving life with vampires »

HAH!!! my parents aren't too worried...but my brother on the other hand!!!! oh my god GRRR!!! he didn't care about me reading about vampires so much...although he thinks werewolves are better...but i was reading twilight on the couch and he got curious and i was reading the meadow scene and it was the page where edward rests his head against bella's chest and my brother flipped out! he's're too young to read these kind of books and crap and he took my book and totally destroyed it. so i had to buy another copy and then i only read at night when he was sleeping! so i had to be sneaky. but he just flipped out on me the next day too because "you are going to want a guy to be perfect and the writer is jsut trying to sell you some BS and you will have high standards your whole life and you will be single your whole life!" grrrrrrrr. stephenie is not trying to sell BS...he is the one talking i just tuned him out and ignored him! :shock: long post! SORRY!

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Post by I'm.With.The.Vampires. »

Yeah my parents dont care what i read really...unless its like rated MA but i dont read that stuff anyways...
Yeah parents dont care.
I even got my mom to read Twilight and the other two.
She loves the books too and we talk about them all the time.
Obviously im SOOOO much more obsessed and my mom has to say "No i dont want to talk about Twilight anymore today" sometimes.
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Post by Gabbie »

My parents don't pay attention. Haha.
I don't even think my mum knows Twilight is about vampires.
I talk about it all the time but she doesn't listen. Haha.
My dad pretends to be interested. :D But yeah,on the whole,my parents don't care.
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Post by Potter_Mom »

I am a parent (of an 11 yr old boy, so he likely WON'T read it), but I'd be fine with it. We both love Harry Potter, so, yeah, witches, wizards, vampires. I'm good with that. And, eeps, yes, I've even a Christian! Not a whole lot of people I can discuss these books with at church tho! ;)
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