True Things #8

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Truth: I wonder when this board will be closed.
Truth: My eyes are really itchy.
Truth: I too laughed really hard at the quote of the day.
Truth: I also found it funny that she was talking to Jasper about it, and not Alice or something.
Truth: OEC leaves for a two-week long trip tomorrow.
Truth: This makes me sad.
Truth: However, Lalaith will have girly-freak-out-happy-fun-time while the boyfriend is away...
Truth: I am only sort of kidding.
Truth: I am having chicken and fried potatoes for dinner.
Truth: My dad also bought a really yummy looking cake.
Truth: I want to eat it right now, but I will wait.
Truth: I have some restraint.
Truth: I said some- not a lot. :shock:
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Post by twilight~obsessed »

Truth: I love today's quote
Truth: I have been listening to all the Twilight playlist today
Truth: I am so glad parts of the Lex are still open
Truth: I'm glad there are such great people on the Lex to talk to!
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