True Things #8

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Post by Gabbie »

Truth: JEALOUS! Haha.
Truth: I want to see Rent SO badly.
Truth: So sad that it's finishing. :(
Truth: I love the movie. And the music. <3
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Post by lalaith913 »

Truth: This is a new thread.
Truth: This is exciting.
Truth: I am thanking BHG.
Truth: I made a new banner.
Truth: I think I might actually keep this one for a while. :lol:
Truth: I'm so fickle with banners.
Truth: My headphones are becoming uncomfortable.
Truth: It's 11:07PM here.
Truth: I need a new hobby, but I don't know what.
Truth: I hope Gabbie's dad's operation went spiffily!
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Post by Chadley »

Truth: I find it very annoying when I get incredibly addicted to just ONE song and I have to listen to it over and over.
Truth: It's happening right now. :evil:
Truth: I think this is the 17th time in 2 days that I have listened to this one song. :roll:
Truth: Hmph, I'm also in a random mood right now.
Truth: I seem to also be addicted to emoticons. :P
Truth: I also seem to be in a lyrical mood (where I google lyrics to about 50 songs and read them...for no reason besides reading them because they're usually pretty :))
Truth: ...Eh, I'm pathetic. :oops:
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Post by ~xMoonlightxTragedyx »

Truth: I too want to see Rent
Truth: I saw it on stage last year
Truth: And my mom is letting me go to this year tour show
Truth: I am watching Murder, She Wrote
Truth: I won my Softball game this week
Truth: My name is kaitlyn
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Post by EdwardsGirl »

Truth: My neck is killing me
Truth: Malaz made me an awesome new banner
Truth: I am also watch Murder, She Wrote (MoonlightxTragedy..hehe)
Truth:I am trying to fight the urge to fall asleep on my keyboard
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Post by Bloodlust »

Truth: There's a new "True Things" thread
Truth: I enjoy stating the obvious
Truth: "Delicacy" is an interesting word
Truth: There's some drama going on in the dorm
Truth: It's unbelievable how people are attracted to mayhem.
Truth:....I'm going to go look! lol
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Post by Feathers »

Truth: Ren likes EdwardsGirl. They are Edward's People. *waves!*
Truth: BHG has nothing to fret about. I don't think.
Truth: Ren really likes Magnum bars
Truth: Ren discovered them in Paris, and wants them in the States.
Truth: Ren does not like chocolate.
Truth: Ren does not think she would like this TimTam-TamTim whatever thing.

<3 Ren

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Post by jacob-rox-my-sox »

truth: I missed the start of the thread
truth: my Internet went down
truth: I think I know what magnum bars are
truth: we have magnum icecream in new zealand
truth: I'm drinking a hot chocolate
truth: term ends next Friday

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Post by msbrit90 »

Truth: I missed spelled truth just now but changed it
Truth: Im sick :(
Truth: im watching Carlos Mencia on comedy central
Truth:im talking to my boyfriend who is also playing Call of Duty 4
Truth: I had to wake up early today for band practice
Truth: I play french horn :)
Truth: my bf just signed off so im not talkin to him no more
Truth: im about to play guitar hero
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Has caught sight of Edward
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Post by jacob-rox-my-sox »

truth: I'm watching mtv
truth: ive had a shower-I'm squeaky clean and smelling of pears
truth: I helped make dinner-we are having lasagne
truth: I dont want to go to school tomorrow

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