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ok guys this is really off topic but i have a HUGE problem....MY STEPDAD DOESN'T WANT ME READING TWILIGHT ANYMORE!!! He says it's clouding my brain.....i don't know wat to do :cry:

Oh ya an i had a really weird dream last nite. It was about the cullens (an bella) discovering the game Rockband! Ya random i kno :oops:

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okay, as promised I'm here to continue.
I've heard lots of ideas on how to continue this one. house of mirrors. swimming. light sabers. something about rock band. I'll try to include all of the ideas, but i dont' know anything about rock band so i'll substitute it for guitar hero. K?

*the cullens fight with the light sabers for about two hours when Emmett Throws his down.*
Emmett: I'm Bored. :(
Jasper: *throwing his down too* me Too.
Rosalie: you two have the shortest attentions spans i've ever seen.
Jasper: Rosalie! :shock: I'm shocked. I thought you were a nicer person now!
Bella: *baby voice* she usually is. her and emmett haven't had "alone time" in a while.
*edward clasps his hand over her mouth and drags her in the house*
Rosalie: Actually it's because emmett hasn't came through on the wedding... :cry: *she runs off crying.

well damn.
My mom says I have to come eat dinner now.
I'll either finish later or someone else can finish.
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back to where I was.
Emmett: I'm so sorry Rosie. :( I'm the chaos of all that has happened in england I totally forgot. Will you forgive me, my love? And take this banana as a token of my love? *bends down on one knee and holds her out a banana*
Rose: EH EMMY POO! :D of course I will! *she takes the banana and they start kissing...lot*
Alice: Get a room!
Emmett: :D Okay!
*they walk into the house*
Edward and bella walk back to the front yard
Edward: Now Bella, do you see why it's important not to say whatever pops into your head?
Bella: uh-huh. sure thing flying potato!
Esme: so what do you see us doing today?
Alice:hmmm... It's not very clear...
I see us in a house of mirrors, in our bathing suits, playing guitar hero?
Everyone: HUH? :shock: :shock: :shock:
Alice: What? I call them as I see them.

Why did alice see something so weird? What is going to happen? Why is Delaney so distracted to where she cannot write a non-sucky skit today?
find out soon.
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*emmett and Rosalie come back.
emmett: did I hear bathing suits?!?hmm................. well if Rosie wears her red bikini then I have a speedo that would match that perfectly, but on the other hand if Rosie wore her green one then I'd have to wear that one speedo that's just a little bit to small.............
Edward: please emmett.......... no speedos
emmett: you're not the boss of me!!!!!!
Edward: mother! make him stop!!! NO SPEEDOS
Esme: now Edward, there's no need to get your brother in trouble is there?
Edward: but.......
Bella: it's not very chivalrous
Edward: but......
Emmett:*singing* Edward, you look quite down with your big fat eyes and your big fat frown the world doesn't have to be so greeeeeeeey. Edward when life's a mess always feeling blue always in distress, I know what can wash that sad away. All you have to do is: put a banana in your ear! put a ripe banana into your favorite ear. it's true. So true, that when in your gloom will disappear. The bad in the world is hard to heat when in your ear a banana cheers
Edward: I don't need a banana emmett
Bella: yes you do, your gloomy edward, I'l put a banana in my ear too
Emmett: we can't go to the mirror house with out bananas in our ears!
Rosalie: yes we can
Bella: no we can't!
Alice: make it stop..........
Jasper: banana's are so not emo............
Carlisle: banana's............ hmmmmm.......... this is fascinating
Emmett: I'll go get the banana's
Edward: nooooo!!!!!
Emmett: yes!!!! yay!!

ugh, I haven't posted in forever
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