Happy 107th Edward

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Bella! How are you going?

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welcome to the party bella. i was wondering if you baked edward a cake in order to give him his human experience for his own birthday. did you?
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The Real Bella Swan wrote:Hey Edward...
Happy birthday. Did you like your gift?
Words can't express how thoughtful it was, my love.
She said yes, and that is all that matters!
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Happy birthday Edward.
The Real Edward Cullen wrote:
I am going to pretend that I didn't just see that or the picture of what appears to be a naked Robert Pattinson in an apron in the kitchen.
Thank you for making me laugh...
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Bella! Welcome to Edward's birthday party! You'll like this party, as no dancing or gift opening is required on your part! All the fun without the dance accidents or gift guilt!
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Hey Bella! How are you!? Did you have a nice day with Edward? I heard about the gift that was lovely...I baked Edward a cake but he obviously can;t have it so you can here you go:
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Ravel wrote:Hello Bella! I'm glad you could join us! I suggest you don't look at the previous pages though...
lol good thinking :D

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i'm sorry about your truck :[
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Oh no. Hello, Bella. Watch out for the VMT discussion, and you should not have said that. There are about 15 people here who won't let you go until you answer that question. But welcome to the party, just the same!

Happy Birthday, Edward!

<3 Ren
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The Real Bella Swan wrote:Hey Edward...
Happy birthday. Did you like you gift?
Hi, Bella! How are you doing knowing you'll be married to the greatest vampire ever?
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