Happy 107th Edward

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Post by Quackish »

Edward, if you come now, I swear I'll catch Miley Cyrus for your eating pleasure.

Trust me, no one will feel a loss. ;DDD
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Post by vampilicious78 »

Anyone know how to make a blood birthday cake?

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Post by lovemesomecullensss »

StupidxLamb wrote:Whoever "shimmied" YOU just made me break into another fit of giggles. lol!

Who else has a headache from laughing?
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Post by ObsessiveCullenDisorder »

I have to say that the "Team Jacob" comment caught me off gaurd... of course we won't go over to the dark side!! J/K But seriously, once again, Happy Birthday Edward!

I would get you a gift, but what do you give the man who has everything?
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-Because when you go vamp you never go back.
-Because Jacob doesn't sparkle.
-Because only a vampire can love you forever.
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Post by Feathers »

We've been going a long time, ladies, and it's sort of a hysterical high at this point, but lets not give the mods a reason to lock us now. (Other than the obscene post count) Let's be on super-best behavior. Stick to Edward's birthday and avoid one-liner posts. Then maybe they'll let us hang out and party a little bit longer.

Happy Birthday Edward!

<3 Ren

(He's probably still hiding in the meadow with Bella. And I don't blame him. Have you SEEN the last 115 pages of this thread!?)
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Post by Clairbear »

In nine minutes, it'll be 2 am o_O

o dear...alphie and pel, i give you permission to slap me.
edward, i give you permission to bite me.

...go on, you know you want to...
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Post by IceoverFire »

*Sets up Edward alarm that will go off if he appears*
*continues to rock back and forth in chair*
*hears a noise-"Edward? Is that you?"*

'I'm relieved that you are on my team, but I'm not quite certain what I am coaching.' - Edward Cullen
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Post by xingaling »

stupid shiny volvo owner...where are you?
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Post by Hereandthere »

Clairbear you're right. Accio Edward Cullen is the key phrase here. :lol: Sorry I just really love cross references.

I think when and if Edward shows up he'll be pretty embarassed and if he could blush, he would be blushing at all the comments. Haha.
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Post by Alellie »

Hmm...what if I bribed you with cookies, would you come out Eddie? Oh, wait, I forgot...you can't eat.

Um...what if I gave you all the money in the world? Eh...wait, you're already rich..

HMM...WHAT if I kidnapped Bella Swan right now and held her for hostage?! Would you have come out then, Edward?

-alellie (is getting unhealthier by the minute.)

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