Happy 107th Edward

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For whoever asked, in Forks time it is now 4 pm. But then again the celebration for Edward's birthday started at midnight eastern time, so it's a bit of a mystery.
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My eyes hurt from staring at the computer screen soo long and my finger hurts from clicking refresh :(.

Where are you Edward Cullen??!?!
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Post by Clairbear »

(reluctantly) human wrote:
Clairbear wrote:
(reluctantly) human wrote:

its nearly midnight here in the uk and i have to leave soon!

please please please show up :D
it sucks, doesnt it...in 2 minutes, eds birthday will be over!

come on PLEASE show up. you have 3 mins otherwise i will hunt you down and no matter how fast you run, i WILL find you!!! :twisted:
o no

it's midnight

*cries* there goes edwards party being on time with us!! Damn it!
Where do the moderators live...maybe Edwards running on their times? If it's 5 ish there, they'll be dealing with their kids dinners or something.
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porsche.turbo911 wrote:My eyes hurt from staring at the computer screen soo long and my finger hurts from clicking refresh :(.

Where are you Edward Cullen??!?!
My butt hurts from sitting at the computer for so long. I so wish I had a laptop, and I could sit in one of our comfy chairs.
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Crespusculo_Rising wrote:
Searching For Topaz Eyes wrote:
Crespusculo_Rising wrote:
Searching For Topaz Eyes wrote:
Yes! It started to thunder here which means the Cullens are playing baseball in the clearing a mile from my house! Score! That where Edward is!
Random question. Do you live in Illinois by any chance Searching For Topaz Eyes? Just curious. It's thundering here too....
Yup! Got to represent Edward's home state! I'm going to the Chicago signing too!
Me too! I gotta remember to get up early to get the tickets...
yea I'm getting up early because I have to get two tickets since I'm taking my best friend for her birthday!
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bahaha Im talking to Edward and Jasper and Alice here right now actually
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Post by vlo »

I'm in California, and seeing as Forks is in the Pacific Coast too, it's the same time! Yay! :D
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edward your birthdays over for me now :(

WHY oh why oh why didnt you appear!!!

in case you do happen to pop by later, for those of us who've left we luv you still and

Happy Birthday!!!
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Post by xingaling »

i need to buy tickets tomorrow too
how early is early?
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Post by Crespusculo_Rising »

xingaling wrote:i need to buy tickets tomorrow too
how early is early?
well they go on sale at 10 Eastern time. Am I right???
Nope. 10 AM Central time...it depends on your area. Thats just for Chicago.
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