Happy 107th Edward

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Happy Birthday Edward! I hope you have a wonderful day and that you will continue with your amazing-ness and dazzling of the fangirls.

Oh yeah and plus now my signature picture is accurate...at least for the next year...or few months... :wink:
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Happy Birthday Edward!

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HAPPY BIRHTDAY EDWARD!!! even thuough your soon to be married i still love you...hehe :lol:

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Happy Birthday Edward

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Happy Birthday, Edward Cullen.

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HAPPY B-DAY EDDIE!!!!!!! ooops, I mean, Edward!!!!!!!

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Happy Birthday Edward!

What are you and Bella doing to celebrate this momentous occasion?
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Hello my dearest Edward.

Happy Birthday i hope you have an amazing day with your love Bella.

I hope you and your family have fun hopfully Emmet and Jasper won't be pulling too many b-day pranks on you. LOL.

I wish you happiness on this day.
Love Always

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I pray he does!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Edward! :D 107 wow......u still look amazing! Hope you have a tarific birthday! :) Spend it with someone special. ^_^ You just keep being you and dont change for anyone. Happy Brithday! ^_^
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happy birthday edward. you're officially 107 and you don't even look it. awesome job. let's get bella to bake you a cake even if you can't eat it. you'll still get the chance to have one human experience of a birthday with her then


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