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Ok. He said he liked me just as a friend.

NOOO! the lexicon can't close!!! :cry:
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I CAN'T wait for Breaking Dawn!!!!!!!!!

I'm going to go to their wedding shower *evil grin* I will find you, Cullen.
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Finding a Nice Guy for Angela
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Well did anyone miss me? :P
I thought I would post before the lex closes until August.

Well my trip to TX went well. The only problem I had was that I was chaparoned the WHOLE time. Here are my exploits(if you could call them that).
Third day I'm there I see some decent guys while I'm in the car with my insane grandma. They were all looking at me and I was looking back. My grandmother starts bad-mouthing them without knowing them and glares at them until they turn around. Great!
Of course I had my share of flirting with sale clerks, waiters, and anyone else in those kinds of job positions. But being with my grandmother, She would stare at any decent guy within a three yard radius of me that would so much as make eye-contact.
Lastly on my bus ride home the nephew of my chaparone was some what interested in me. He was kind of cute, but I don't really like mexican guys even though I am Mexican. And he was a year or two younger than me. It was kind of fun flirting with him, I will admit. A smile here, a wink there. At one point while getting off the bus for a break he let me go in front of him, then attempted to trap me in front of him which kind of failed since I could still move forward. He did try to talk to me a few times, but they were boring topics. If I were to rate the flirting experience it would recevie a 5.6 out of 10.

I had fun on my trip overall spending time with my grandma, but if I wasn't chaparoned the whole time I woukd have had more to tell.
Now I will go read what I missed and such. I will get an OAL account though see you all there.
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