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Post by Cocoa »

This is a thread to discuss dating and relationships.

This is not a thread for IMing use the PM system for that.

Stay on topic... (this means things pertaining to dating. And general relationship dating like topics.)

Keep it PG

Discuss all things Dating related

Seek advice for the newly dating teenager

Bond over the lack of promising relationships in your school.

Edit to add User generated thread guidelines. These guidelines are fully supported by the Lexicon administrators.

We all know this thread was locked because of IM and chat like posting and were devastated by it. Lovemesomecullensss and I have decided to make some things clear on this thread to prevent it from being locked again. The only types of posts allowed here are

a) Posting of a dating related problem

b) Advice to those seeking

c) A dating related question that can be answered by anyone on the thread

d) Posting of an event you would like to share with the whole group that happened in your dating/love life

e) Past dating experiences.

Anything else non-dating related will be prohibited and should be posted in a different thread. There will be a 'three strikes you're out' rule. If you post something that is not from the above list and is not dating related one of our thread moderators will PM you and tell you so. Each post that is non-dating related will count as a strike and once you hit three strikes, you cannot post on the Dating Thread for a week. We know it may seem harsh, but it is mind-numbing to read all those posts that have no content and we hope to make our thread a better place.

Our thread Moderators are lovemesomecullensss, a_n_n_a, and me (simplymortal314). We also have back-up moderators who are StupidxLamb and Conzoni al Vento. This new system has been approved by Cocoa and she will be around to help us. If you have any questions feel free to PM one of the thread mods.
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Post by StupidxLamb »

Thank you, Cocoa!

How's everyone's dating life going?

I'll pick a question to get us started.
What's the farthest you've gone to get the attention of a guy/girl you are interested in?
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Post by nissanmama »

Hey Guys, Cyber-Mom here...

I'll start: What's the farthest you've gone to get the attention of a guy you are (were) interested in?

This is one I look back on with incredible embarrassement. Of course the beauty of being as old as I am means that my past is not as present or painful. There was this beautiful boy, his name was John. John was two years older than me. He was a football player, class officer, played the saxophone, etc. I played the flute so I saw him everyday in band and he TA'd my computer class. I saw him two classes everyday. Now as a sophomore I just wasn't clued into the fact that tuxedo companies would have guys wear their tuxes to school as a means of advertising during prom season. I guess the guys got free rentals for doing it. Anyway, being totally clueless, I thought he wore a tux to school one day just because he had that much attitude. That he was looking for attention. And like James Bond, he was all the more beautiful in it.

I'd flirted with him before but was again clueless as to my lower classman, too young to notice status. I was desperate for his attention so I had my mother drive me to the tux rental place and rented a tuxedo shirt and vest, paired them with a skirt and heels and wore them to school the next day. I wanted to meet him head on, attitude for attitude. Yes, he noticed me, how could he not? But it had zero affect other than to produce a raised eyebrow at my suddenly odd taste in fashion. I was totally self-conscious by the end of the day. He had a reason to wear a tux to school, I did not. I was so out of place, so exposed. What a waste of $70. Looking back I think what embarrassed me most was not that I acted on the impluse (I can by foolishly brave sometimes), but rather it's that I was so clueless. I don't mind choosing to play the idot when I'm informed, but it's like I played a joke on myself.

John continued to tolerate my adoration, graduated and I have no idea where he is today. That's probably a good thing. :wink:
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Post by tiffi »

omg! omg! omg! people said it would take MONTHS or WEEKS for this thread to come back!!!!! wow!!!!!!!!!

ok the FARTHEST ive gone to impress a boi: i did all the hiphop moves i could think of-we were having a dance off-but people in my school dont dance that way, even tho most people loved it a few of the-grinding-sluts laughed at me. it was wayyy embarrising. i went to far......... :(
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Post by Princess Orchid »

What's the farthest you've gone to get the attention of a guy/girl you are interested in?

Oh god, I've done a few zingers in my time!

There was this guy I fancied in Primary School. His family was Jewish, so I bought a Hebrew-English dictionary and wrote him a letter. In Hebrew. You know what I learnt from that experience? Yeah, he couldn't actually read Hebrew, so he handed it over to some other kid in his class and asked him to read it for him. Mortified! Luckily, I never signed my name!!

Then there was a guy I liked who was on the ski team. He had this hideous fluoro ski jacket and you know the neoprene tight ski trousers that look like flares? He also had a fluoro crash helmet and matching goggles, and Fischer skis. My parents were going to kit me out with new ski stuff, so I got EXACTLY THE SAME OUTFIT. Uh yeah. We were 10. We looked exactly the same, except he was a much better skier. Oh god, again, MORTIFIED!

Then there was the guy I liked in high school, who took the bus home every day. I did as well, but I got off the bus after 2 or 3 stops - and he had to get the bus all the way to the metro station, then another bus home. SO I pretended I had to go to the metro station as well, and we would stop off and have a hot dog on the way home every day. That one kind of worked, because he ended up asking me out...

Oh, and then there was the guuy I liked my final year of high school. Ok, sadly enough, he was a couple years younger than me - but in my defense, he was pretty tall. So us seniors had to supervise freshman, sophomore and junior classes for this big project, and I managed to trade off with a whole bunch of people in my class so I had his class.

Oh, and about 4 years ago? This lovely boy I was friends with, one of my friends, watched this programme on the telly about orchids. So he became quite obsessed with them, because they're so rare (some breeds). He was also a little obsessed with feet - so I got a tattoo of an orchid on my foot.

Actually, it looked more like a lily! Oops! Well, about 3 weeks ago I got another tattoo, on my other foot...of an actual orchid.
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Post by StupidxLamb »

Wow, you got a tattoo and everything! O.O lol. That's dedication. :P

One time, I convinced my friend to invite my crush to our mutual friend's surprise sweet 16, even though he (my then crush and now sort-of-boyfriend) and the birthday girl aren't close friends by any means. So basically I talked my friend throwing the party into inviting him for my own selfish reasons. :roll: At that point, I already knew he liked me back, so it wasn't totally pathetic...but still pathetic.
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Post by xoxocamille »

StupidxLamb wrote: What's the farthest you've gone to get the attention of a guy/girl you are interested in?
Aw, hey everyone, just dropping by. :)

Uhm, about the question... hmm, I'm really the shy girl type, so I never tell the guy straight up that I like him or anything, but I do remember posting a poem for this guy I liked on the last newspaper we put up in school. :)
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Post by chompchomp57 »

I am kind of clueless as to how the whole boyfriend/girlfriend thing works and I'm going to be a sophomore in high school in the fall, never had a boyfriend. But I do like my best guy friend and he's kind of hinted back but I don't know how to respond and since he's my friend I don't want any awkwardness. I doubt he'll make the first move because he seems unsure of me since I don't respond to his hints. Heck, I'm unsure of me. anyone know how to possibly bring that topic up between friends without causing awkward?? If you know how to make it awkward I'll take that too!!
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Post by *VampireVixen* »

I can't really think of anything i did to get a guy i liked to notice me... If he didnt make the first move it usually didn't happen. Lol. I guess one time i did like this guy and we were sitting next to each other ( i admit i was kind of tipsy at the time :oops: ) and without really thinking i like put my leg over his leg sitting all close to him and flirting. Lol. Nothing too crazy but he said it worked because we dated for a while.
chompchomp its hard to start a relationship with a guy who is your friend. because if things dont work out then the friendship could be ruined. I say, before you decide, make sure you know you want to be with him and that you know you two can have a good time being together. If you feel like things could be weird or not work out then just stay friends. But if you feel like there is something more then go for it! Hang out with him more and flirt back and see what happens.
My best guy friend actually became my bf :D and we are great! We know each other really well because we were friends first. It was kind of hard at first because we couldnt decide if we wanted to stay in a relationship and the friendship was going to be ruined, but then we just realized we wanted to be more than just friends. And now we've been dating for 3 years. So just follow what you think will be best for you chompchomp
Sorry for the long explaination :P i got carried away.
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Post by simplymortal314 »

Well the farthest I've gone to get a guy to notice me?
Well I've memorized his class schedule and tried to 'run into him accedently'. I've tackled him with pillows. And I've pretended I was some weird stalker and sent him e-mails. <-- not my brightest moment. I had to pretend it was a joke.
Of course I have done all that stupid stuff: talking loudly around him, making it a point to always be near him, hair flipping, acting stanger than my stange self.

I am glad this thread is back. Thank you so much Cocoa! =]

No news from me. Bus Boy still hasn't called. Don't feel pity for me though.
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