Vampire Weekend

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Vampire Weekend

Post by Cocoa »

A Thread to discuss the music of Vampire Weekend.

*Personal favorite is Mansard Roof!*

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Post by ashFLASH »

Finally, VW thread!
I'm a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE fan, more obsessed with them then Twilight [gasp!].

I started listening to them in July 2007, and it's amazing how big they've gotton in such a short time. I'm all for success, but I hope not everyone knows about them; The Mainstream Sydrome is so disappointing.

Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa is definitely my favourite, it's so quirky and catchy.

I love how they're so preppy; Ezra has the greatest style ever. He can get away with anything. Go on Facebook, and join my I Love Ezra Koenig group; I know, I know, I'm shallow, but I love Ezra's face and music, so it's all good.

Vampire Weekend is probably one of the best live bands ever. If you saw them on SNL, that was probably their worst performance, but it wasn't even bad. For my birthday I might be seeing them in Central Park, I'm so freakin' excited.

Honestly though, if you haven't heard this band, buy their CD. With the exception of One (Blake's Got A New Face) it's outstanding, and will be sure to stay in your CD player for a long time. Their lyrics are great; they seem really random, but if you read between the lines, you'll find great social commentary- they sing about race, class, everything.
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Post by virginiax7 »

Yay, a Vampire Weekend thread!

I don't remember when I first started listening to them, but I bought their CD the day it came out because, yes, I am that in love with them. :D They're so quirky and cute; I wish I could give them all hugs.

Personally, I don't see how you could not love them, since:
1. Ezra is beautiful
2. Their music videos are the most awesome things ever
3. They don't sound like any other band out there (and that is a good thing)
4. They dress adorably preppy
5. Have I mentioned Ezra? :wink:
6. All of their songs just make you want to dance
7. They have vampire in their name!

I could come up with a lot more reasons than that, but those are just some of the basic ones.

I don't think I could pick a favorite song, because they are all too good, but at the moment my favorite is Walcott.
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Post by ajm490 »

i love vampire weekend nearly as much as someone still loves you, boris yeltsin, although I don't think the former stands up to the latter when really compared

(and they are all too comparable)
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Post by limepinkpuppy »

virginiax7 wrote:
2. Their music videos are the most awesome things ever.
my friends brother was making fun of the video for A Punk because they had the fish puppets on their fingers
he said something like "it was stupid because it had fake fish and it didn't look real" and my friend tells him it looks cooler that way.

but anyway Vampire Weekend is awesome.
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Post by Degausser »

They're definitely awesome. I haven't met a single soul where I live that's heard of them, even after they were on MTV.

Walcott's my favorite, but Oxford Comma's been playing the most. Suuuch a fun band to listen to.
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Post by CamberXite »

I agree virginiax7 , Ezra is beautiful!

Amazing band , want to see them live!!
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Post by simplymortal314 »

I love VW.
I started to listen to them when they appeared in teen vogue. My favorite song is Campus. They have such a different and uniques sound and not many people know about them I love it. :P 8)
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Post by ashFLASH »

Ezra = DREAM BOY is his blog, he's so smart, and quirky, and AHH, I'm SO marrying him :D

I started listening to them through my cousin- she goes to Columbia, and had their Blue CDR. She said she never met Ezra [:(] but she was friends with Rostrum for a while [ME=JEALOUS].

I made my friend listen to them, and made her promise not to tell- in my opinion, none of my other friends deserve to hear them.

Their music videos are the best, I agree, but I'm really bummed that A-Punk has been all over VH1, and MTV.
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Post by neonsx »

I think MTV was the first ones to do an interview with them and said sometime later they felt like they launched Vampire Weekend in it's career.
... At that point, I felt like strangling the MTV cast to death lol.

But VW is pure dazzling. Period. I mean there's a defining need of more preppy, indie bands and Ezra is just darling-ing cute :D It be amazing if I could hear them live, for what I see they play an awesome show. Though SNL was meh, everything else makes up for it :]

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