Things that would never be said in the Twilight Series

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totally!! they are hilarious!!!
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some people are very imaginative...I thin kI've been reading too many of other peoples to try and come up with my own
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lalaith913 wrote:Score! First post in here!

Edward: *smacks lips* Hm, were those fangs always here?

Emmett: I am codename Aunt Jemima.

And another round of "*scared* What are you doing?/It's called..."

Jane: *scared* Alec... what are you doing?
Alec: *stops petting* It's called "caressing koalas."
that is completely hilarious!!! :)

Bella: C'mon Edward!!! cant you drive any faster?
Edward: No Bella! Then that would be over the speed limit!

Emmett: Rosalie, why did i marry you again? You are so ugly!
Rosalie: I know. Why can't i be prettier?!
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^Lol! I love the Aunt Jemima one!

*Bella twists into an elegant pretzel shape.*
Emmet: "Oooo, scary! Have fun with that, Edward"


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