April Fools 2008

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April Fools 2008

Post by Cocoa »

Discuss the Volturi Lexicon Experience!

To see:

The Movie
The Entrance
The Forums

Special Ranks:

Felix - Dibs on Bella!
Jane - The Apple of Aro's Eye
Caius - Reigning Volturi Pessimist
Aro - Its all in the Touch
Gianna - Dreaming of being a monster
Marcus - Volturi Relationship Analyst
Heidi - The Bait
Alec - The Secret Weapon
Demetri - The Hunter

Post Count Ranks:

1 - Fresh Blood
5 - Wandering the Streets of Volterra
10 - Touring with Heidi
15 - Unaware of the Danger
20 - Growing Suspicious
25 - Intuition finally kicking in! RUN!
30 - Surrounded in the Clock Tower
35 - Hiding from Demtri
40 - Felix's Plaything
45 - Smelling Delicious
50 - Trying to fascinate Aro
55 - Invited to stay for dinner O_o
60 - Caught in Jane's Stare...OUCH!
65 - Showing Signs of Talent
70 - Possible Volturi Material
75 - Touched by Aro
80 - Deciding to Join or Die...
85 - Turned by Marcus
90 - Writhing in Pain
95 - Discovering my new abilities
100 - Admiring myself in my new Volturi Cape
105 - Having my first snack, mmm...Chinese
110 - 30 mins later...Hungry again!
115 - Given Orders by Alec
120 - Hunting Bella
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Post by xlostxinxtwilightx »

So much fun what an experience.

And for those fellow Castle stormers. We saved Pel! and we getting to Alphie. (we just didn't make it there yet!)

So what do you guys think was it fun?
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A.K.A. red_eyed for those of you who helped me Duckie and Laurel storm the castle to save Pel and Alphie.

ok so we didn't get to Alphie but we were on our way!
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Post by Rikuliam »

It ended before I could even begin to have fun... :(
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Post by Starfish127 »

Cocoa wrote:Discuss the Volturi Lexicon Experience!
Ummm....totally cool!

really though, It was fun. My favorite thread was Alec's thread for Pel. I literally laughed out loud at some points! TOO funny.
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Post by bac »

Wow! It was fun and a little scary and also very clever. I enjoyed the witty remarks by our volturi friends. I do have a question. Did Edward or Bella ever show up? I thought I saw them, but then I couldn't tell if I was being fooled. (saw Edward once in "Forks" and Bella right at the end in "where is she") I was eventually tagged by Heidi and that ended my walking tour. Oh well. Thanks for all the fun!
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Post by Twilight<3 »

I figured it was going to be the Volturi taking over this year but I LOVED it!! I got to have a small conversation with Aro for a little bit! Haha, it was awesome! He was saying how he had a variety of humans for dinner. I said it sounded delicious.

That was PERFECT! Thank you so much lex! I love all of you!! Out of curiousity, who was everyone? Like who played who?
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Post by !macycullen. »

Rikuliam wrote:It ended before I could even begin to have fun... :(
I know me too!
I only had 5 posts and had no idea
what was being talked about :cry:
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Post by Starfish127 »

bac wrote:Did Edward or Bella ever show up?
I know Edward showed up in the Alec loves pel Thread. Don't know about Bella Though.
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Post by awesomepossum »

*ooops* I posted this in the thread from last year!

I only got to see the forum for a little while because I can't post while I'm at work, but it was hilarious and I wish I could have joined in! Great job guys!
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Post by Calli »

I had fun! Since I'd never been on the Lexicon forums, though, now I don't know where to find all the friends I made while I was playing with the Volturi. *cry* Lauren! Leo! Summer! Aro's Momma! Everyone! Lol. Where are yooou?
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