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the vampire girl from nz
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Post by the vampire girl from nz »

hiya, Im a new twilight fan, and am insanely in love with edward, mind if i join the chat?
Feathers wrote: What would you do if you saw Edward Cullen at a coffee house? What the devil he's doing there, I don't know, and I don't care. I just want to know how people would react to seeing him. Or, if it's easier, someone who looks exactly like him, cold skin and golden eyes and all.
I probably would just be in there with a friend, as I don't drink coffee (yuck!) so I would just be staring around, i'd see him and I can imagine my eyes widening and i would just gasp, then freak in my mind: *OMG EDWARD! OMG OMG OMG Im dreaming OMG* He would probably hear his name coz he can read minds, then I would get the *um, you are insane* look from him, then I'd faint.
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Post by jacob-rox-my-sox »

ive sort of been lurking round this thread for a while
ive decided to join in. your probably thinking begone Jacob lover!
my username may be Jacob-rox-my-sox

but I do love Edward a lot
i just happened to join the lex during my I love Jacob the most phase. I love them both

so If I saw Edward at a coffee shop....
well first I'd probably get this funny out of body floating feeling
then I'd probably blush and act like a crazy fangirl
I'd be way to scared to approach him

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Post by Twilightvampire17 »

Moonlessnight: *Huggles back* I still love you! i'm doing better now.

the vampire girl from nz

Welcome Dear

Nice to have you Jacob-rox-my-socks! ( I love Jacob too!)

If I saw Edward in a coffee Shop:
1. Do a double take.
2.Think something stupid.
3.Watch him without blinking
4. Understand he, heard my stupid thought about Edward Popsicles and thats why he's giggling.
5. Act like a damsel's in distress. (all the while hiding my thoughts)
6. Faint when he actually talked to me!
7. Wake up in Carlise Care...Oh so much better :twisted:
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Post by twilight_obsessor13 »

What would you do if you saw Edward Cullen at a coffee house?
1. Stare at him and go: a humuna humuna humuna humuna humuna humuna humuna humuna humuna humuna humuna humuna
2. Ask myself, where's Bella?
3. And/or What is this bod doing here? XD
4. Gasp
5. Prepare to be Dazzeled.

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Post by dahlia »

If I saw Edward in a coffee shop I'd spit out my coffee. Lol.

go team Edward! lol.

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Post by jacob-rox-my-sox »

yeah I have to say
even as a Jacob fan

I'd much rather be a vampire than a werewolf
BUT I'd rather have the heat of a werewolf. I hate being cold

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Post by malaz »

hi guys!
i am inlove with edward (aren't we all) and i've been meaning to post in this thread for a while.
so, can i join. or how does the whole thing work?

I am malaz by the way ^^

if i saw edward in a coffee shop, i'd be like:
me: :shock: wait wait, IS THAT EDWARD
*mouth hangs open*
eyes wide
*HUUUUUUGE freakish smile*
'OMGGGGGGGG EDWARDDDD.......i am inloveeeeeeee. AHHHHHHHH [insert weird fangirlish squeaking and sqealing]
"woah woah WOAH, edward?? *DIES* (for real)

i know what a dramatic meeting. but that's if i met the REAL edward cullen. if it was just some really hot guy who looked like edward. i would smile soooooooooooooooo big, and i just keeping looking his way. and i would be 10x clumsier and just really nervous and walk weirdly and stutter alot if i get to talk to him. that's sort of like my usual self near hot guys
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Post by .dazzleme. »

okay if i saw edward at a coffee shop:
i would stare for an extremely long period of time trying to process through my head. omg. thats edward cullen. edward cullen!. ahh. i would then remind myself to breathe, and probably laugh at myself for doing that, because edward would constantly remind bella to breathe, and ironically hes right there. And while im thinking all this edward would probably look at me, to see the face of just another overly obbessive twilight lover. and as soon as i met his gaze. even if it was an eyebrow raise, angry glare, or crocked smile. i would most likely faint. or just stare deeper into his eyes, until he just turned away. yea. i don't think i'd be able to move, or be brave enough to walk up to him. Maybe if i was with a friend, we would like talk it through how we would walk up to him, except he would know what we would do, since he could read out minds.
yeah. although i can't really say what i would really do, if he was really there. like actually, there. Dazzling every eye that met his. It's kind of an 'in the moment' type thing. so im not sure what i would actually do...probably go into shock ;P

Team Edward! :] But i still like jake.

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Post by cutesweetiezzz »

Kay, I just discovered this thread. I should be ashame of myself. What took me sooo long?!

Is there like different topics here or something?

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Post by Brynnie86 »

Why is Edward soooo appealing?? Are there any guys out there even remotely close to him??
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