Adult Thread - Heavenly Hash Take 3

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goodnight_elizabeth wrote:By the way, Twilightizing these movies isn't really gaming. We're discussing the books and comparing them to popular movies. Most of our Twilightizing has been pretty indepth. We're just illustrating how one can find parallels between Twilight and other works be they movies, characters, or themes. It's actually pretty studious.
Now there is some serious rationalizing. Very well done! What, do you teach English or something? hehe I'm a comms major and I tell people that means I can form a coherent opinion and will usually share it with you whether you ask or not.

Twilightize: The Heavenly Kid (Yes, the 80's movie)[/quote] Missed it...I must have been taking driver's ed.
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LisaCullenAZ wrote: Or Strawberry Shortcake. :)
Oh Twin...the similarities will never end!! I hope you and all our other Lex friends are enjoying this extra lex time!!!

Personally I just finished the host and HOLY crap it was awesome!!!! I admit I was a little hesitant to get into Edward or Bella, no supernatural twin Alice ( ps I got my hair cut exactly like Alice from the movie the other day!)

What's with the reading 700 posts things??? I don't get it. I'm slow like that. :?
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Oh Twin...the similarities will never end!!
Of course, Carrie, why are we even surprised?!?! :lol: It's so good to see you here... and to hear about your hair cut! It sounds so cute! Bet the boyfriend loves it. ;)

I knew you'd love The Host. How could you not? Such a great read. I'm glad you got to finish it. Now on to bigger and better... like, maybe... some poetry?


Oh, and I love your gaming rationale too GNE. :) Very good.
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Hahaha! I felt I should demonstrate my ability to form complex sentences and use big words, and to also prove that not everything I say is dirrrty.

Come one, you guys! The Heavenly Kid! I watched this movie almost every day one summer. It's a classic. Jason Gedric from Iron Eagle was in it.
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