Teen Movies

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Teen Movies

Post by Cocoa »

This thread is to discuss the Best that Teen Cinema has to offer.

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Post by nissanmama »

Sixteen Candles is, of course, a tried and true classic. It's themes never go out of style even if the clothes do. Besides, Michael Schoeffling is still cute. :wink:
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Post by ang03207 »

grease is a total given. but i watched it when i was really young but picked up on a lot of different stuff when i was a teen. but yea love love love
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Post by Clairbear »

10 Things I Hate About You
love it soooom much <3!
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Post by Bloodlust »

A Walk to Remember. Beautiful movie. Absolutely amazing. It's one of those "brings things into perspective" movies.

Of course...She's All That is also a classic teen movie. Unbelievably corny, but in the most amazing way.
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Post by Cocoa »

The best Teen movies out there...

The Breakfast Club (all other teen movies are just knock offs of this one)
Pretty in Pink
Sixteen Candles (Seriously no one did teen better the Molly)
Farris Beuller's Day off (A classic)
Napolean Dynamite (I can't stand this movie, but my kids love it)
10 Things I hate about you (Gotta love the taming of the shrew, and it had a sa-weet soundtrack)

I would add "She's all That" to my list but I'm still bitter they didn't release a soundtrack)
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Post by Pineapple90 »

Pretty Woman. It's like the ultimate happy ending! :D
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Post by StupidxLamb »

What A Girl Wants
Juno, heck yes.
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Post by Cocoa »

I just remembered another! Heathers, did anyone see Heathers? This is the movie that all the movies like Jawbreaker and Meangirls comes from. Christian Slater at his finest. Also the cause for the great decline in the 90's of baby girls named Heather. :lol:
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Post by Sprtygal »

Clairbear wrote:10 Things I Hate About You
love it soooom much <3!
This is one of my all time favorite movies!

One of my favorite songs in that movie though isn't even on the soundtrack (which of course I bought!). I love that song that is playing when Kat is in the house reading by the window. My buddy had that specific song and the rest from that band and I used to make him play it every day when he drove me home from school.
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