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Post by Cocoa »

What magazines are you reading?

And what articles have you read most reciently that everyone must read!?
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Post by Lomesir22 »

I read People occasionally, usually when my mother buys them or they have the pictures of dresses actresses wore at the Oscars.

I madly enjoy Cosmopolitan (I know, I know) and Glamour. Fleshly the nth degree, but so much fun!

I'm short on funds right now, so I haven't been keeping up with them. I haven't read any articles recently.
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Post by neonsx »

ohhh, i love magazines - there was a huge pile of them in my closet but i had to get rid of most them lol. they dated back by 2006 xP

for me i love:

harper bazaar
there fashion is inspiration to me

it has a bit of an indie vibe (which i love) and the beauty products recomened really do work

british glamour
meh, i don't even know why i don't like the american one but the british has always seem to have a step-up in fashion. their articles are always fun to read too

in general it's a lovley magazine haha. the clothing: super original and fun. unfortunly, they don't sell them ware i live (unless im traveling an hour away) and usually i end up going to the site

im not much of a vogue person unless it's british -- the december cover was a bit cheesy in my opinion but everything else looks great. same with teen vogue, the articles can be good but for me the clothing and fashion look alike in almost every issue. not that i hate it or anything, just not choice.
seeventeen & cosmogirl i like to read for the heck of it, it's a little to mainstream (but 17 i've notice there more fashion forward than fashion trendy) and can give good tips with guys and such.

people -- well im just never really interested in celebrity's lives. everyone calls me crazy whenever i say that :P

......haha, i'll shutup now :lol:
i can ramble on forever
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Post by Murphy »

I only buy Kerrang! which is a British music magazine...
But I haven't bought it in a while due to my lack of funds :|
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Post by ashFLASH »

Teen Vogue. It's my bible. I hate to admit it, but if I had to choose between Twilight and Teen Vogue, I'd chose TV. It's great. It's not mainstream, like Seventeen and Cosmo Girl, but the clothes in it are wearable and affordable for a girl my age. I like how Teen Vogue has articles about things that matter, unlike the flirting tips and how to avoid getting an STD articles in Seventeen and Cosmo Girl. They feature girls who do things for the better of the world, who also happen to have a great sense of style. I live off this magazine, and have 5 years worth of issues stacked up in my bedroom. The only mistake they've ever made is hiring Lauren Conrad. Grossssss.

Vogue. Anna Wintour is my idol. In 20 years, I want to be in her place. I subscribe to American Vogue, British Vogue, and French Vogue. It's just so great for inspiration, and also has great articles. The fashion spreads are amazing, and once again, unlike Cosmopolitan magazine, they don't feature 'Best Ways to Blow His Mind in Bed'. Vogue is a classic.

Nylon. The quirky little indie magazine that could. My favourite is the music issue, cause they introduce so many great artists I've never even heard of. Like Tokyo Police Club? Thanks for letting me know about that one, Nylon. I love how this magazine is so international, and alternative.

W - I like W because the issue is so much bigger than other mags. They're like grown-up Nylon.

InStyle - They're OK. Sometimes, I hate the celebrities they feature, but whatever.

People - I only buy the end-of-the-year summary issue.

Ellegirl. RIP. Why did they ever have to go online??? Ellegirl was just really cool, and offbeat.

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Post by messagewriter »

hmm I haven't subscribed to magazines in ages..
I'll occasionally read People
but I really do love Marie Claire... its so trendy

heck, I love them all! now if they would only send them to me for free that would be great.
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Post by simplymortal314 »

Used to like J-14 and M. ugh...
But I like more Cosmogirl, and occasionally I'll buy a copy of Teen Vouge and seventeen.
I agree I miss Elle girl. *sigh*
I'll have to check out some the magazines you guys recomended.
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Post by ReelClumsyDancer »

Currently I am subscribing to:

Glamour (
Seventeen ( and
a magazine about Antiquing that I cant remember the name of. Antiques are SOOO cool, by the way.

When I was younger I subscribed to:

American Girl (
Irish Dancing Magazine (

I still would subscribe to the Irish Dancing Magazine, except for the fact that it's way too expensive.

I also read Cosmopolitan ( and am not ashamed of that. It's fun to read!

My newest obsession?

Automobile Magazine -->

:D My (girl) friends think I'm nuts, but a lot of my guy friends think it's great. The obsession isnt actually new stems from the fact that I have two uncles that always like to outdo each other with their cars. I suppose it rubbed off, haha. I honestly have no idea what goes on inside a car either. I just like looking at the nice, sleek, FAST cars. *ahem*

Oh, lord, what can I say? I've been sad since you went away.
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Post by mysterioustranger »

Princess Orchid wrote:I read French Vogue (I don't usually get the American or UK editions unless there's someone I find interesting on the cover...) for fashion, though it's kind of expensive to buy here. Other than that, I sometimes get The Face (for music and stuff), some of the cookery magazines (Good Food, Delicious, Olive, Fresh...), and because I'm redecorating my house at the moment, Elle Decor and Living Etc.

I usually get some others as well - Red, Grazia, MarieClaire...
British Vogue is actually pretty interesting! I've never read French Vogue though...why do you think it is better? (I mean, how is French fashion different?)

I always have to go to Borders though to buy the international versions... and you're right, for a magazine, it certainly is expensive!
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Post by neonsx »

Ellegirl. RIP. Why did they ever have to go online??? Ellegirl was just really cool, and offbeat.
aw, i know, i loved ellegirl. it had a twist of teenvogue and.. well it's own personal style.

oh and n.e.e.t magazine is a gorgeous urban/indie online mag. the clothing has super nice vintage pieces x]

the latest issue of teenvogue looks good. for me i find the style's and clothes look the same after a while but the spring fashion: i want it all lol :lol:
layered skirts and dresses and the bright colors are brilliant.

plus the article of 'wannarexia' is so true. i see so many xanga blogs, "keep strong!" and this crap about "i only had this much today and i'll be starving for the next two days".
load of bull. it's the easy way out for getting thin because you don't want to take the time to go out the gym and listen to what they say of eating healthy.
so far i know 5 people who are on this 'so called diet'. they look awful half the time with the makeup covering up their paleness and dark circles under their eyes. in gym one of my friends collapsed 'cause she hadn't eat anything in the last two days.

aur, im a size 2 and some people are always like "how are that thin! do you eat lunch or breakfast?" half the time i roll my eyes and "no, i go on walks for 20 minutes each day and i eat a lot really. just not a lot of chips and greasy food"
it's very frustrating. 7 years ago a size 8 was perfectly normal. now it's "size 0 please! and i want to weigh 85 pounds." at the age of 15.
:roll: please. you look like a stick about to break in half. even the health issues... gosh it's almost as un healthy for an overweight person.

haha, sorry for the rant. im glad teenvogue token notice of it; it's a big problem in today's culture.
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