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Post by Genevieve »

She has inspired me to never be afraid of the countless things that would push fear into our hearts.

Sometimes time is running out, and life's too short to be thinking of the fear.

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This could be long winded

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First off it is kind of hard for me to say how I feel in just a few words. I am an older happily obsessed twilighter! I feel particularly affected by these books because I enjoyed them so much. I discovered the books at work when we had a patient's mom introduce us to the books. My best friend was the first one, then she infected the rest of us with her hysteria!
Out of the 21 nurses we have, 13 of us have joined our happy book coven! 9 of us are going to the book premier at a local book store in prom dresses and some of us, me included in full vampire makeup!

But I have to thank Ms.Meyers if I could for making me want to read for enjoyment again! I was really into the HP series and read those books with great satisfaction, but not nearly with as much furvor and love and yes obsession as with the twilight books. Now on my 7th re-read before Breaking Dawn comes out! Last books before these two series were the prequels to Frank herbert's Dune by Brian Herbert, his son.

See reading has never been much fun for me because sometimes I have trouble with being a slow reader so I tend to get frustrated and close a book rather than continue. But with Twilight...well frankly I've never read so fast! I devoured all three books in the space of one and half weeks....very very fast for me! Let's just say it was lucky my mom was staying with us in April at the time when my son has his tonsils out...or poor guy would have been starved! hehehehe not really but I was just that absorbed briefly. Then it wasn't until I re-read the books a little bit more slowl that I caught more detail, more meaning, more of the foreshadowing...

These books also helped some of us at work forge much closer friendships. Three of us in paticular are become very close fast friends! Infact we refer to each other as Alice (me), Rosalie (my blonde friend) and Esme (our cool mom friend). Her son is going to the prom with golden contacts in his eyes so he can be Edward that she bought for him! Now that's a cool mom!

My husband is glad I am reading too. But now I am so abnoxious at home at times that he walks around with his fingers like and "L" on his forhead and calling me loser all the time or rolling his eyeballs! :roll: oh well at least I am happy... happier than I've been in years!

Then there's this place..the Lexicon! I love coming here and sharing my obsession with everyone! Glad I am not alone! I will be lost for 20 days while this forum is closed to posts for spoiler protection. :(

But I love the Twilight series... in a lot of real ways it has made a change in my life... new friends, new interests, new obsessions, renewed happiness. A real tangable difference. Who would have known! :P

Alice and Rosalie Rock!

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Post by Levi2k8 »

stephanie has inspired me by getting me into muse and now when i listen to sad songs or love songs i listen properly, to the lirics and usua;;y find some way in wich they entwine ith twilight its quite strange, i have also felt love scince i read them and i have written a lot more and read a lot more than i used to and its all thanks to stephanie

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Well many people who attend the same church as Stephenie and myself will completely understand what I'm saying.

She has inspired me to really search for my talents. She said once at a lecture she gave at BYU that this came to her in a dream. A dream that told her that she had this talent and that she needed to be using it. For a while that statement baffled me. I couldn't understand how you can just find a talent from a dream or a feeling. And then I realized that because I was thinking that, I wasn't listening to what He was trying to show me all along. That I have talents that I am not strengthening and I am not sharing with others. It's been such a testimony strengthener really.

I would just love to sit down and talk to her about how she can stay so strong in her beliefs when she has all this and more going on all around her. I don't have anything like that going on in my life and I still find it difficult to stand my ground and stay strong with what I know is right. It's been such an inspiration to me to really check myself on a daily basis, making sure that I'm doing what I know I'm supposed to be doing.

So thank you, Stephenie and I hope someday I will get to chat with you about life and all the things about it.
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Post by twilight~obsessed »

She made me enjoy reading...I have never been hooked on any book I'm obsessed with the Twilight Saga and can't stop reading the books...She is an amazing writer and makes me feel like I'm in the story!!!

Awww I Love you Stephenie Meyer!
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