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Post by starlilly »

She has inspired me to write! I know that nothing I can put on the computer screen can compare to her work, but I hope to provide just a little bit of that wonder and amazement in my work that she does with hers to a reader. Does that make sense?

Bella has also inspired to me to live and experience everything that I can in life while I am young- I am only 23 years old and have the life of an 80 year old. I want to ride a motorcycle. I want to go cliff diving! I want to travel! I want to live hard and love passionately! *sigh*
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Post by TwilightT »

Inspiration, oh my dear friend, Yes! I'm so glad that you decided to share your warmth and creativity with the rest of us.

You have taught me how to relax again and how to rediscover my old funloving self. My family and I thank you.

That group hug thing.. yah I'm right there with you gals! :D
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Post by i heart cullen »

stephenie's inspired me in soo many ways.
i've started writing again, listening to a bunch of music i'd never even heard of before, and also introduced me to other books like pride and prejudice and wuthering heights. i read those books because of the twilight series and i LOVE them. i have playlists on my ipod for edward and bella. and mostly, it takes me out of reality. i can forget about my own life and live theirs.
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Post by Excali »

She inspired me to read more, and get more into writing my own stories instead of leaving them in my head

Thank you :)
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Post by CullenxLove »

Stephenie Meyer has inspired me by getting into writing again, i used to write storys and books alottt, but ive stopped for some reason over the years and reading Stephenies books has inspired me to start writing again, shes also helped me to get into a lot of different new bands and styles that normally i wouldnt have listened to before. :)

Thanks a bunch Stephenie! :D
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Post by unbelievable »

First off, Stephenie Meyer is just outstanding. I think she could inspire anyone.

She has made me see that if I have something I wish to show the world, then I should just put it out there. If I write something that I think is good, then I can let others read it. She's shown me just to be myself.

But what I think is most important is when I was younger I used to love reading. I would read whenever I got the chance too. But once I started to get older, I slowly started reading less and less. I guess I felt like I could be doing better things with my time than reading. But after reading Twilight I remembered how much I loved to read. Now I'm back in to reading at least a chapter of a book every day :]
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Post by Faipire »

I've done a few of these before for different people, i.e. Vic Migongna, but this a is a bit more special. Is she going to read this

Stephenie has inspired me in many different ways. Its brought back my heck of an imaginantion back and she always makes me laugh and smile with each story. Shes aslo helped me get some of my best friends in the world. Shes also inspired me to write a huge fan fic with two of my bestest friends. Shes done alot and got me into the craisets things like vampires and werwolves.

Anyways, to SM! I hope to meet you one day!
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Post by eyesthathypnotize »

Stephenie Meyer is one incredible mother, I have never known of a mum who liked Linkin Park/Muse/Blue October and who dreamed such oddly beautiful dreams :P. She has inspired me to write, after reading Twilight it's like I finally believed I was capable. I have been brought to tears everytime I listen to a song related to Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse in the slightest, and have downloaded every single song on her playlists... She has also taught me to not give up on love, and that although romantic love may not always be present in your life, there is always the love of your family and friends. I never thought that I would be swept off my feet by a book, but here I am now talking every single day about ficitonal characters as though i have met them in reality. This incredible story has evoked many new emotions and hobbies in me, and for that I thank Stephenie. I can say without hesitation that to me, she is the most compelling author of our time. :)

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Post by twilight_obsessor13 »

How has Stephenie Inspired me?
-Well before reading Twilight, I was writing a lot of stories (and some of them were meaningless) and I wasn't getting any creativity flowing or any of my 'own' characters. The characters (some of them) that I used were from popular Anime Television shows that I watched and/or had a parallel plot line. After reading Twilight, I kind of stepped away from the Anime characters and the fan made characters and kind of made them my 'own' characters. With that, I had a few ninjas and I decided to change them all to Spies--which is similar, only American style. One day, when I went online, I read how Stephenie got the idea for Twilight (which was, the dream that is now Chapter Thirteen.) I was really amazed that something like that would kind of 'push' her to writing a lovely love story. With that said, I took that idea and since I had created this book series called the Book Keeper series which goes around this one girl who is emo, lonely, and all around someone that is mentally sick, I started to redo it all over again. The original version was on loose leaf paper and about two hundred pages with two plots. I split the two plots into two books and redid almost all the characters and some of the plot twists that would kind of attact to reader, and now I am currently writing the new version of the Book Keeper Series. I was pushed by if Stephenie could 'dream' an idea that would bring her all the way to the top, then I could 'think' of an idea that might bring me all the way to the top.

Stephenie has also inspired me by I read a lot faster to get the book done so I could read (or re-read) another Twilight series book. XD

I also listen to lyrics of many songs, listen to music artists like Linkin Park (I was before...), Blue October, and other kinds of artists in that genre.
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Post by robert_clearwater »

she has inspired me to look for that special soul mate that you don't have to say much to because they just understand you
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