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I was going to refrain from posting in here since I think that Stephenie knows very well how grateful I am to know her, but Cocoa laid a bit of a guilt trip on the admins and told us to get our bums in here and post. So here it is. My undying gratitude for Stephenie.

I moved from Indiana to Tennessee in March of 2005 and my life pretty much was in the crapper at that point. Everything that made me happy, outside of my family, had been ripped from me. Honestly - it is a real testament to how much I love my husband that I moved down here. I know that you should grow where you are planted, but when the soil isn't right for you, then you just can't grow. Everything that I had going for me was gone in a heartbeat.

There is no theatre down here to speak of. And considering that I was in three to four shows a year, with one or two of those shows being paid, professional gigs, it was a real heart ache to go without theatre. I wasn't in a show for nearly a year. I had also been cut off from my painting. I had a small group of friends that got together once a week and painted wood crafts. I was VERY good at it and had recently started in on the wood cutting and sanding and shaping, more than just the painting. The town that we live in is so small that when I complained about how small it was to a local, they gaped at me and pointed out the brand new Kroger. (This is a true story folks.) I've been here three years and until they open the new Target in three months, there isn't any place but the dollar general to buy things like socks and t-shirts unless you drive for at least a half hour through really bad traffic. I'm from a city that had a Target, Wal-Mart, Meijer, Kohls, and who know what else within five minutes of each other. There is no swimming pool unless you live in one of the snobby neighborhoods. No joke - it's freaking 100 degrees in June and there is no public swimming pool. Oh, I could drive 45 minutes and pay $3 a piece to go, but when you have a 2 year old and a 4 year old who only want to splash for about an hour, what's the point? We did it twice and both times I spent more time convincing them to stay in the water and away from the playground... because until this last summer there was no playground. You see what a gem of a place I live in? Not to mention the fact that I had a very hard time making any friends at all because I didn't hide the fact that I thought this city was the pits. Locals don't like being told that their city is the pits. Go figure. I was in a bad place mentally and severely depressed.

You get the picture so I'll move on.

In Jan of 2006, one of my friends from church took pity on me one day and took me out for a girls day out. We had lunch and saw a movie. I wish I could say I was nice to her, but I'm sure I scowled all the way through it and wasn't very pleasant. That's just how I was all the time back then. On the way home she told me about a member of our church who had written a book about vampires. Vampires? Really? A Mormon? No way. This I had to see. I love vampires and was addicted to Anne Rice in school. Vampires have always been - aside from my love affair with Remus Lupin - my favorite monster. So I got the book and read it.

And fell in love!

I became obsessed to the point where I was inspired to write fan fiction. And that led me to Stephenie herself when she reviewed my fan fiction. Boldly, I asked her if I could create this site. To my delight, not only did she approve, but she gave me all kinds of great, unpublished tid bits of information for the site. I through everything I had into getting everything right and detailed and on the web. For the first time in almost a year I had something for me! It was my project. Something to look forward to. Something to focus my mind on and take it off the fact that I hated where I was physically. And then, to top it all off, she asked if she could bounce ideas off of me and let me see unpublished works. I was stunned. Floored. Speechless. I'd never wanted to be part of the publishing world, really. I was a theatre person. But since I couldn't have the theatre in the way I needed it, I would take publishing.

Everything changed. I became a totally different person. No one knew what I was talking about at the time either. I would say Stephenie Meyer and they would say... Who? I would say vampires and get these really odd looks. And when I said I was running a new website for it, that's when people really thought I was crazy!

But for me, it saved me. It made me realize that I had other gifts that I'd yet not explored. It's made me consider writing for myself, if ever I can find the plot that will work. It's made me appreciate this horrid move down here, for I know for a fact that had I not moved, I would probably just now be picking up Twilight. And it made me see that God puts us in places on purpose and moves people into our lives when we need them.

I don't talk to Stephenie as much as I used to. Her life has changed so very, very much in the last two years. She has two books coming out this year and a movie in the works. He time is so very limited that I feel great if I hear from her every other month or so. When I think how far I've come, I can only imagine that her life is twenty times as turned around as mine is. Just a few weeks ago after a performance of The Messiah, I was stopped three times on my way through the cultural hall at church by random people asking me if I was the Lori Joffs mentioned in the back of Eclipse or if I knew anything about the next book. I was in the book store a few days ago and my son pointed to Eclipse and said, "Look Mommy. That's Stephenie's book!" The clerk said, "Oh, is mommy a fan of Stephenie Meyer?" and my son said, "Mommy is her friend. She's in the back of the book!" The clerk looked impressed and wanted to know my story. And that's just me!

But I did want to take the chance, if she is reading this, to publicly thank her for being curious about a fan fic written from Edward's point of view. Thanks, Steph, for reading though my oh-so-wrong version of events and complimenting me enough to see what little similarity you did see. Thank you for leaving a review! Thank you for answering my e-mails and not thinking I was a total stalker. Thank you for thinking the idea for a lexicon was a good one and for giving me some extra information. Thank you for being so friendly and real and honest. And thank you for letting me be a part, however small it was, of this whole ride. It has been a totally life changing and unique experience and one I doubt I will ever have the chance to duplicate.

I love you. I miss talking to you and wish there were more hours in the day so you could talk to your friends more. I hope Breaking Dawn is going well and that you are feeling better. (She was really sick a few weeks ago, By the way.) I hope you have a great birthday and that you get a chance to relax! And have a very Merry Christmas along with it.

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Post by teak »

Ok, great. Just terrifically great. I log on to write you a Happy Birthday message, and I see that I have to follow Alphie!! How do you follow Alphie??!! So not fair! :lol: Ok, moving on....
Just about a year ago, I picked up Twilight and instantly became a Twilight obsessed mom. I want to thank you for your writing and your characters. They came into my life at a time when I needed them. Your books were a great catalyst for helping me reconnect with one of my daughters who really needed it. We have loved reading your books and discussing them together. We had the privilege of traveling to NYC to watch you on Good Morning America. That is an experience we will never forget. I admire you being able to juggle all you do. It can't be easy. I wish you well and hope that you continue to enjoy your writing; we certainly are looking forward to reading your next works that are coming out!
This Lexicon website, inspired by your works, has also expanded my horizons. I now listen to music I would never have thought of trying before the suggestions on here. I have read books that have been suggested on here, and adored them. I have met many new people that I never would have been in contact with, from various parts of the US and world. It has been a fascinating journey, and I thank both you and the Lexicon founders for this. Happy Birthday Stephenie!

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In order to prevent excessive gushing and mushing that even I didn't know I had in me, I just want to say thanks. For giving me an excuse to meticulously examine drool-inducing man pixels and broadening my musical horizons (where else would I have heard of Gomez?), for inspiring me to continue writing just for the sake of writing, and making me feel like my opinion mattered even as my naiveté acted like a Litmus test, and for so much else that I can't even begin to put into words...(now I cut off before I start that aforementioned mushing and gushing). ;)

Thanks for giving me the time of day, Stephenie. I will never regret sending that first email. Your impact on my life has been nothing short of great. And I mean that in the best way possible. =(:

Happy Birthday and Happy Holidays.
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Post by PEL »

I'm not entirely sure this will post given my computer at the moment, but here goes nothing.

For the longest time I'd been reading plays instead of novels because I could never find a heroine that I could like. All the "chick lit" out there made me want to hurl because everyone was either this uber-cool, too glam for the page sophisticate, or a self absorbed, ding-dong who at 30 decided she was missing something in life. My basic reaction to all those stories was, YAWN.

I want a heroine who was basically like most of the people I knew and liked. I wanted a girl with guts who was still feminine and unafraid to use her brain. I wanted her to be funny, and friendly, someone who you felt you could trust. I found her in Bella. I thought there's actually a modern female teenager besides Hermione Granger who I like in the pages of literature!

Flash forward to a website, a meeting in DC and New York, new friends in Nashville, Arizona Eprom...and just new friends in general. In the end it's not about my 15 minutes of Internet fame, which I fully realize is fleeting. It's about the connections.Twilight has given me a chance to be creative and meet so many new people. Every person you meet has an effect on your life and I'm grateful for what has happened with mine.
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Post by Tennyo »

Before I read Twilight, I was in a rut. My life was feeling static and repetitive, and it felt like my brain just kept taking the same routes over and over. Then I bought Twilight off the good reviews on amazon. It's a strange thing that I finished the book, prepared to move on, and just...couldn't. It stuck. And I came to the lex, looking to see if anyone thought the same way I did about the books.

Stephenie Meyer inspired me to me to think again. That's too simple, I know, but she really did. Something about Twilight awakened the part of me that loves philosophy and analysis, and the lex provided the perfect place to discuss it. My whole family was watching me with some kind of mix of shock and bemusement as I started talking through incredibly complicated issues of atonement and mortality and spirituality... I can't even say how much that means to me.

And it's not just the books that were the jumping-off point, it was Stephenie herself. Being "Stephenied" is so amazing-not just for the exhilaration (that come on, we all feel :D), but for the sheer generosity and kindness shown to us by her. It is also hard to put to words how touching and fascinating the participation in these discussions are...

I also have to mention that I can never thank Stephenie enough for all the friends I have made through reading her books. It means the absolute world to me.

I could keep rambling on but after a while I realize that they're only words, and maybe they can't really explain the sheer amount of feeling behind them. But I hope that they express even a modicum of the gratitude I and many others feel to you.

Happy Birthday Stephenie!

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Post by Eri »

Well, after reading all your great posts i don't know what can I say to make this one a bit different, because I don't have a story like many of you have :wink:

I found about the book by chance more than a year ago and even though i'm not a fan of vampires i thought i could read it because it seemed a different love story. When I got the book I couldn't leave it until i finished and then I searched the internet looking for more information about the book and Stephenie and that's how I found The Lex, where i've met wonderful people (some of them have become great friends for me) and I've had the opportunity to give my opinions on this and sometimes interact with Stephenie (I think sometimes we don't understand how fortunate we are to get her on the forums) and even receive a mail written by her (It might sound crazy but i have it saved on my inbox). Sooo, after this long story, I wanted to thank you, Stephenie, for having that dream involving Bella and Edward and getting the ideas for the book because thanks to you i've discovered a fantastic world and great people
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Post by laurelflower93 »

Like so many others, she has helped me through the tough things in life. She gave me something to lose myself in, and forget the real world. I can stare out my window at the rain, and pretend, just for a minute, that the characters, the love, is real, and I could find it to.
She has inspired me to believe in myself, and be myself, no matter who might be watching. I have learned that you don't need to change yourself for people to like you. You are loved the way you are. I have made a very good friend because of this discovery.
I have also found music's real beauty. I have always liked music, but never really appreciated the lyrics or the meaning. Whenever I listen to my favorite bands, or music I dont know, I try and find the meaning, and connect it to Twilight.
When I am sad, I read the parts that make me cry, to just let it out. It makes me feel so much better, because then I can listen to Snow Patrol and skip to Edward coming back, or their marriage talk in Eclipse. It always works.
It has also inspired my best friend to love reading again. She hadn't finished a book in over a year, and I kept telling her she had to read these amazing books. She finally did, and she loves them.
There really are no words to truly describe or explain how Ms. Meyer has inspired so many people, but that is how she has inspired me.
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My sister first goaded me into reading Twilight my senior year of high school, and I fully expected not to like it. I even told said sister that it was a good story, but not my style. My argument didn't stick though when, during the busiest time of my life (because, until then, nothing had been busier than senior year) I would give up on an hours worth of calculus homework to reread Twilight and New Moon.

Even without knowing the story behind how Twilight was created, the book is written in a way that makes the reader crave to start scratching away at paper (or typing like a maniac) and write out their own ideas. I had been an avid writer for years, until high school business caught up to me, and I just couldn't. So, for the first time in two years, inspired by Stephenie Meyer and her excellent stories, I began writing again.
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Every now and then a book sidles into your life, and before you know it, it's become a part of your life for good. Sometimes you don't even understand why. But you know that it has left an indelible mark on your imagination. When it happens, it's an incomparably precious gift -- no thanks can really be adequate. But thank you, Stephenie! And a happy, happy birthday.
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