SM - How has Stephenie Inspired you?

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SM - How has Stephenie Inspired you?

Post by Cocoa »

In honor of up coming events, we would like to know how Stephenie has inspired you. Wether that be to read more, or write more, or ressurected your passion for music. Anything.

How has Stephenie Meyer inspired you?

Please post only once. If you think of something to add after you have post, go back and edit your post.

I can't even begin to discribe to you what you have done for my spirit. I can count on one hand the number of books I read before I read Twilight. My children were all in school and for the first time in 10 years I was alone during the day. It got very lonely, very fast. Irronically at that time We had decided as a family to stop watching TV. So I joined the RS book club for something to do. Twilight was the second book read after I joined. Within 4 days I had read through both Twilight and New Moon (More pages then I had ever read in my LIFE!)

And then, I woke up. It was like I had been asleep for a decade. I began to remember my likes, my hobbies, my dreams. I wasn't just Mom any more. I was me.

You inspired my new found love of reading, now I sit in car pool lines with a book in hand. I remembered how much I love music, a love that had gone dormant and been infultrated by all things Barney. Because of these books I have found some of the greatest friends of my life. And because of their friendship and love, they have encouraged me to write my story.

Heaven Bless you for the women you have both touched and strengthend.

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Post by daniiidarko »

hmm,She has gotten me making lots and lots more playlists on my ipod, one for each story, and each character.
and i do write a lot more.
i also read the books to cheer myself up, get lost in another world other than my own.
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Post by Starfish127 »

How has Stephenie Meyer inspired me? Well first and for most, to read more. I'm constantly trying to find books that are on Twilight parallel-that is books that are page tuners, books that can keep my interest so much that i forget about reality and start living and breathing that story.

She's also inspired me to dream big. great things can happen to everyday, common people like myself.

And last but not least, Mrs. Meyers inspired me to hold onto my beliefs and values and never be ashamed of them.

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Why Stephenie Meyer Rocks. ^_^

Post by Isabella Cullen »

She's inspired me to become a better person.
That, like Bella Swan, we all can find true love and happiness if we believe in it.
The world is full of immorality and ugliness, but just because we live in it does not mean that we have to conform to it and let it poison us. She's given me courage and even a little pride to stay who I am, stay true to myself, and never let others get me down.

She has also taught me to dream big. She taught me that amazing and yes, BIG things can happen to wallflower girls like me (and others, I'm sure!) ^_^

She also has given me confidence.
This will sound absolutely pathetic, but before I read her books, I had no self-confidence to speak of. It took me time to even warm up to people just to make acquaintances, never anything more. Now though, I'm more confident about myself when I'm meeting people for the first time. It's okay to be shy, but it's another thing entirely to be a social loner and living alone because you can't relate to people. (You can't relate to people unless you get to know them, right?? Bella's situation is a different story altogether. ;) )
I never had real friends before reading Twilight, and most of my dear friends I have now I met earlier this spring at the Eclipse Prom in Phoenix. :D

I'm also thankful to say, that she's strengthened my love for music.
Before I'd even heard of Twilight, Debussy was my favorite composer because I adore piano pieces. Now though, I've fallen in love with his work all over again. She's introduced bands that I probably would never have listened to on my own as well, and I'm glad too because their music is fantastic! :D

So, thank you, Stephenie Meyer. For everything that you have done, knowingly or not, for us. ^_^
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Post by Sprtygal »

Stephenie helped me find my love for music again!

I used to love music back in highschool. I'd listen to it almost all day long (besides when I was in school). However at least for the last 5 or 6 years (basically since I've been married and had kids) I haven't listened to any of 'my' music. I just never really cared about it anymore and I couldn't really find anything I liked. My music lists contained church music and Disney songs. That was it.

I'm not a die hard devoted fan to the music Stephenie loves but after I read the books I Googled the songs and heard them and something just sparked. I started making my own play lists from music I heard on the internet and the next week even went out and got myself 4 new CD's (something I hadn't done since 9th grade!)

*~*Also, and IMO much more importantly because of reading SM's books I found the lex and because of the lex I've met and become friends with MANY wonderful people! (shout out to the wonderful women and men on the adult threads!). Especially my dear SLCTA gals. Many fun get togethers, laughs, stories and all around good times. *~*
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Post by Sansa »

She has inspired me in so, so many things... I've discovered books, music... Let's make a list:
-Since I read Twilight, I started reading Wuthering Heights, Pride and Prejudice, Romeo and Juliet, Dracula, Sense and Sensibility, A Midsummer Night Dream, Emma, Persuasion, Northanger Abbey... and soon Jane Eyre, too :)
-Since I read Twilight, I started listening to Muse, Armor for Sleep, Linkin Park...
-Since I read Twilight, I started liking piano music, classic or not, only because of Twilight.
Well, everything of this list started because of Twilight. And now, Jane Austen's books are my favourites ones with Twilight Series, and my favourite groups of music are Muse, Linkin Park... I've discovered so many things because of the book.
And I feel very grateful for so, because I owe all of this to Stephenie and to the book.

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Post by KaseyHeartEdward »

Alright well Stephenie Meyer did inspire me.

That one simple dream can turn into big things. She showed me that even small town girls who know pretty much nothing abour the publishing world can make it.

Also through her writing i believed she helped me to understand myself more and it really is okay to be who you are. And even if you haven't found love yet it is still possible and you can end up with a great guy. That all of us deserve the ones we want.

Her character Bella helped me through a depprsion that i was in for about a half a year. And as i read New Moon i healed myself and drew from Bella's strength. I am not sure where i would be with out theses books and i know it is crazy to say but it they did helps me a lot and i am so thankful for them and Stephenie Meyer.

Oh and i want to also to say thank you to these books cause i was able to meet some amazing people at the Eclipse Prom like Isabella Cullen she is such a sweet girl!
Love Always

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Post by RageTH »

She didn't inspire anything groundbreaking or lifechanging for me, be she did give me the inspiration to create a toekn vampire race for my own little Sci-fi world.

They aren't anything like her vamps, though, and I'll just leave it at that.
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Post by StupidxLamb »

Since Twilight, I listen more closely to the lyrics in songs. Man, do they have so much more MEANING now!

And I also am more interested in vampires and their mythology. It's really intriguing to me.

Stephenie also helped me to see that even when we don't fit in with some people, there will always be people that we will fit in with. We all have a family of vampires somewhere in this world. XD
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Post by Pixelated_Ghostie »

The main thing Stephenie has inspired me to do is start writing again. I may still be in high school, but I am chock full of ideas that I just completely abandoned because I figure I'd never finish them. Now, I'm trying to write them out, because they're still interesting to me, and I want to see them finished, even if my best friend is the only one who'll ever see them. I remember her mentioning that if you like telling yourself stories that you'll probably enjoy writing, and she's right, because I didn't realize how much I missed all the little characters I've created, and how excited I was when I realized a new detail that just clicked into their story. I missed it a lot.

I've also picked back up on my love of reading. Today I returned "Nightmare" by Joan Nixon I think it was, and once I finish "Wuthering Heights" I'm going to get "The Uglies." I forgot how much I enjoyed getting lost in the pages of a book.
StupidxLamb wrote:Stephenie also helped me to see that even when we don't fit in with some people, there will always be people that we will fit in with. We all have a family of vampires somewhere in this world. XD
I couldn't have said that any better. I'm more confident with who I am, because I have my friends who love me, and the other people that don't. As long as I have my little "Family" I don't need to be anyone else to please other people.

So, thank you Stephenie, and Happy Birthday!
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