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Post by StephanieAZ »

a_n_n_a wrote:
StephanieAZ wrote:*streaks through thread*
I haven't been in here in a while...
Still dateless sadly, but at least my best friend is in the same boat as me so we can vent about it ocassionally. The guy I like now is also a cross country boy, but not the lame one from before who always flirted with me, yet when I showed interest moved on to another girl, this boy is actually a lot better-looking(I'm being shallow but whatever). Well anyway at this point I doubt anything will happen but you never know. Whenever I do talk to him he always seems to drop little hints and he's always nicer to me than other girls. Plus, he does a lot of the lame things boys seem to do when they like you('runs into me' in the hall, shakes my chair around when I'm in it, pokes fun at what my shirt says etc.). He always talks to me when he sees me and a few weeks ago his car wasn't working and he knows I don't have a car so we went 'car shopping' on the computers in our school library. He even asked me how long I had owned a pair of shoes because he saw me wearing them in a picture on someone else's myspace(which I would probably find creepy if it was anyone else haha). I don't know I just thought that's all a little much if he had absolutely no interest. Ugh I'm really just tired of waiting, I wish some lovely boy would waltz into my life right about now...
Your avatar is Jensen Ackles, right? I freaked out for a second because he looks so much like Andy Roddick in that picture and I was like, "Andy = hottness". haha. Not that that really have anything to do w/ dating . . .

This week or next I plan on calling this boy again. It's hard for me to have initiative, especially when he said he would call. I have a plan though regarding my brother and his mission call. haha. Things will all work out :)
Haha yes, it is Jensen I'm a big Supernatural fan. :) I like Andy Roddick too though, he is hotness. :wink: Hope your plan to call him works out haha I hate calling people, maybe that's part of my problem. :|
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*kind of on in about boys.*

My chorus class was caroling around the school today, and in the last class we went to...there was this guy. I stared at him the whole time we sang (it was a very long song). I knew he reminded me of someone, but I couldn't place it. Then it hit me; he looked almost EXACTLY like Gaspard Ulliel!! :shock: When we left I was telling my friends (in one of those weird spazzy moments I have) how much he resembled Gaspard. (He even had a dimple that resembled Gaspard's scar!! FREAKY.) They looked at me weird and asked who he was. I was flailing my arms and saying, "HE'S A FREAKING HOT FRENCH ACTOR!!!!!" I'm pretty sure I terrify people, but at least I have friends that accept my spazztasticness. :D

By the way, sorry that you guys have to put up with my "spazztasticness." :wink: It takes me a while to realize how weird I am sometimes. :roll:
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Post by twilights_charm »

ok, still no response from the guy, yes my friends say he likes me. they say he looks at me, but i never notice....
it's been like this for about a month, and i think he should seriously just ask me....
or should i?
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Post by JaDe_ViPeR08 »

BreeIzAmazing wrote:
JaDe_ViPeR08 wrote:I HAVE!!!!! TO POST THIS IM MESSAGE! I'm dumbcrazychick, my massive crush is makes me so happy! it's REALLY long though

old_man_rivera: did you sticker my car?
dumbcrazychick: NO!
old_man_rivera: uhuh
dumbcrazychick: what makes you thinki would do that?
old_man_rivera: um you had a roll of stickers and you went out to my car
old_man_rivera: and there are stickers on the window

dumbcrazychick: i was stickering PEOPLE remember?
old_man_rivera: uhuh..but there are stickers on my car
dumbcrazychick: well maybe if you had come out of the bathroom none of that would have happened
old_man_rivera: well if you had.....nvm
dumbcrazychick: if i had what?
dumbcrazychick: go ahead and finish your sentence
old_man_rivera: nothing
dumbcrazychick: go ahead and finish your sentence

(some stuff was cut out to make it shorter and pg)

old_man_rivera: go's back to my point earlier
old_man_rivera: the well if you had.....nvm
old_man_rivera: part

dumbcrazychick: if i had WHAT??????????????
old_man_rivera: well i won't say it...but lets think thi out together
old_man_rivera: its an action corrrect

dumbcrazychick: *nod*
old_man_rivera: ok lets think about today
old_man_rivera: you with your headphones
old_man_rivera: me with my hat?
dumbcrazychick: uhuh
old_man_rivera: on it was something

dumbcrazychick: *blinks*
old_man_rivera: ?
dumbcrazychick: and the somethign was?
old_man_rivera: think
dumbcrazychick: i wasn't paying much attention to the hat honestly
old_man_rivera: well what type hat was it
dumbcrazychick: the kind that goes on your head?
old_man_rivera: come onnnn
dumbcrazychick: I'M SORRY! can't yo just tell me?
old_man_rivera: red hat
dumbcrazychick: uhuh
old_man_rivera: white trim
dumbcrazychick: ok
old_man_rivera: understand
dumbcrazychick: !
dumbcrazychick: oooooooooh!
dumbcrazychick: ...dammit
old_man_rivera: ?
dumbcrazychick: *bangs head repeatedly against wall*
old_man_rivera: did you get it
dumbcrazychick: yeah
old_man_rivera: yeah
old_man_rivera: i'll try to wear it again

dumbcrazychick: !
old_man_rivera: unless you don't care if i do
dumbcrazychick: but you should
dumbcrazychick: no that it's neccessary or anythign
old_man_rivera: but its a good enough reaon to get your courage up
old_man_rivera: and go for it.....cause i will not make the first move

dumbcrazychick: *blushblushblush*

yes this is the one who's the leader of my youth group, and yes this is the one who subbed at my sister's school, and yes this is the one who make holiday season so wonderful and unbearable at the same time *jigs*
I am SO confused! What was on his hat?? And what does the hat have to do with making a move??
UGH I hate when I dont understand things!
Ok he came to Carpenter's Crew wearing a Santa hat with mistletoe ont the end and I completely missed what it signified (i honestly didn't even notice the hat until hindsight kicked in) I made up for my mistake today when he came to pick me up for school however. And the making the first move thing is because technically/legally he is in an authoritative position over me by virtue of him being a youth leader and me being a youth memeber. And we are on oposite sides of 18 so I have to mak the first move otherwise he would feel liike he was taking advantage of a minor (he's bizarely moral like that) but it's okay! and saturday we are going to spen ALL DAY together decorating the youth crew's float for the Christmas parade. I'm so excited ands I usually hate decorading the float.
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Post by great&terriblebeauty »

Oh that is so cute!!!!

Man, I am going to have to go an entire 3 days without seeing my lover boy because he is in Las Vegas for the weekend....I am so sad, and I am actually excited for Monday. I am never excited for Mondays. How pathetic.......
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Post by indi » I'm not dating... but I have a semi-stalker and someone I'm head over heels for... does that count? ^^
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Post by zerolover34 »

umm i don't know really hard question it's kind of kreppy in a way :? well sorry guys i have been really busy these last two weeks are play went amazing

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Post by EvenFreaksNeedLove »

Okay um ya... I've been like obsessed with this guy for 6 years (seriously) and ya he likes me too (apparently) but we're both really shy and won't make a move... WHAT DO I DO?!?!?! ... i guess make a move eh? ...AHH BUT IT'S SO SCARY!!! I'VE NEVER BEEN ON A DATE OR ANYTHING! (well because I've liked him since like grade 3 and won't date anyone but him...)

yes i am a freak.
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Post by Kizmet »

EvenFreaksNeedLove, I think what you need to do is think, "Am I going to let a little bit of fear keep me from having a huge amount of joy?" Just go for it. :D
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Post by JaDe_ViPeR08 »

I LOVE MY MAN-BEAST! He rocks my socks!

But my friend (she just turned 18 and is still living with her dad) met a guy online who lives in Austin. He seems really nice/sweet/funny but at the same time I get a creepy feeling about it. I've talked to her and I think she understands what I'm saying, anyways she promised that if he ever suggested they meet somewhere she was going to bring me and Bryan with her (me for moral support and Bryan so he could beat the guy up if neccessary). This guy By the way, yeah he's 26.

My other friend got married recently and she is expecting triplets in june-ish. She was 13 when she met her hubby (he was 25) and everything turned out okay so I shouldn't worry abotu Belle and Mr. Austin, right? But I liked Tattoo Guy (what I called my friend's husband) and I don't like Mr. Ausin or at least trust him anyways.



And I think Bryan and will move on to the big IT soon. I'm not quite sure how I feel about this, no one's said anythign yet but it just seems like each time we see each other we go a little bit further and eventually it will happen. But yeah the whle church environment and the fact that not only am I under the age of consent (which just got moved from 17 to 18 in my state) but he's over 18 which means there si a possibility of bad consequences and there's the whole don't have sex because you will get pregnant and die of AIDS thing. Yeah I know enough not to do anything unill I'm absolutely sure I'm ready for sex and all that comes with it, but I can feel it coming, too. those are my current issues.

And some advice:
Never do anythign you aren't completely sure about, you will regret it later even if it turns out okay.

It is better to sleep on something beforehand than lie awake about it later.


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