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Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2007 4:29 pm
by a_n_n_a
StephanieAZ wrote:*streaks through thread*
I haven't been in here in a while...
Still dateless sadly, but at least my best friend is in the same boat as me so we can vent about it ocassionally. The guy I like now is also a cross country boy, but not the lame one from before who always flirted with me, yet when I showed interest moved on to another girl, this boy is actually a lot better-looking(I'm being shallow but whatever). Well anyway at this point I doubt anything will happen but you never know. Whenever I do talk to him he always seems to drop little hints and he's always nicer to me than other girls. Plus, he does a lot of the lame things boys seem to do when they like you('runs into me' in the hall, shakes my chair around when I'm in it, pokes fun at what my shirt says etc.). He always talks to me when he sees me and a few weeks ago his car wasn't working and he knows I don't have a car so we went 'car shopping' on the computers in our school library. He even asked me how long I had owned a pair of shoes because he saw me wearing them in a picture on someone else's myspace(which I would probably find creepy if it was anyone else haha). I don't know I just thought that's all a little much if he had absolutely no interest. Ugh I'm really just tired of waiting, I wish some lovely boy would waltz into my life right about now...
Your avatar is Jensen Ackles, right? I freaked out for a second because he looks so much like Andy Roddick in that picture and I was like, "Andy = hottness". haha. Not that that really have anything to do w/ dating . . .

This week or next I plan on calling this boy again. It's hard for me to have initiative, especially when he said he would call. I have a plan though regarding my brother and his mission call. haha. Things will all work out :)

Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2007 4:50 pm
by colegurl09
i just found my perfect thread. I have never been on a date, never had a boyfriend. Never really wanted one. But its just so*beats head off keyboard* annoying, i guess. All of my friends are like, You need a boyfriend. I dont want one. They just seem more like another complication to an already crazy life.


Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2007 5:48 pm
by 911_Turbo
This is so me. Never been on a date. No boyfriends...except kindergarten, but that doesn't count. My mom think I have some secret relationship, and always randomly inserts the question "Who's your boyfriend?" into the conversation (a la Legally Blonde). It's not that I don't want a boyfriend, I just don't want any of the guys I know as a boyfriend. Most of my friends feel the same way, except one who, on my birthday, said "I resolve to get you a real boyfriend within the next year." I just scoffed at her because she's never really had a boyfriend either, because the ONE long-term relationship she had that lasted for five months was a long-distance relationship, so she was only actually with the guy for two days. And they barely talked after she came home. I say that doesn't count. But that may just be the jealous part of me :D .

Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2007 7:00 pm
by EmmaBiteMe
Oh you girls and guys know how much i love you right?! really hope you do! like to no ends i hope you do.


I have a boyfriend! we been on a date! I must leave you!

I don't want to! but must
I am so happy!
and sad.

I am afraid of committent!
and cant make mile stones on my own!

Love you all so much!

Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2007 7:26 pm
by a_n_n_a
Lucky girl!
Come back and visit sometime :D
We'd love for you to tell us how everything all goes

Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2007 7:26 pm
by BreeIzAmazing
JaDe_ViPeR08 wrote:I HAVE!!!!! TO POST THIS IM MESSAGE! I'm dumbcrazychick, my massive crush is makes me so happy! it's REALLY long though

old_man_rivera: did you sticker my car?
dumbcrazychick: NO!
old_man_rivera: uhuh
dumbcrazychick: what makes you thinki would do that?
old_man_rivera: um you had a roll of stickers and you went out to my car
old_man_rivera: and there are stickers on the window

dumbcrazychick: i was stickering PEOPLE remember?
old_man_rivera: uhuh..but there are stickers on my car
dumbcrazychick: well maybe if you had come out of the bathroom none of that would have happened
old_man_rivera: well if you had.....nvm
dumbcrazychick: if i had what?
dumbcrazychick: go ahead and finish your sentence
old_man_rivera: nothing
dumbcrazychick: go ahead and finish your sentence

(some stuff was cut out to make it shorter and pg)

old_man_rivera: go's back to my point earlier
old_man_rivera: the well if you had.....nvm
old_man_rivera: part

dumbcrazychick: if i had WHAT??????????????
old_man_rivera: well i won't say it...but lets think thi out together
old_man_rivera: its an action corrrect

dumbcrazychick: *nod*
old_man_rivera: ok lets think about today
old_man_rivera: you with your headphones
old_man_rivera: me with my hat?
dumbcrazychick: uhuh
old_man_rivera: on it was something

dumbcrazychick: *blinks*
old_man_rivera: ?
dumbcrazychick: and the somethign was?
old_man_rivera: think
dumbcrazychick: i wasn't paying much attention to the hat honestly
old_man_rivera: well what type hat was it
dumbcrazychick: the kind that goes on your head?
old_man_rivera: come onnnn
dumbcrazychick: I'M SORRY! can't yo just tell me?
old_man_rivera: red hat
dumbcrazychick: uhuh
old_man_rivera: white trim
dumbcrazychick: ok
old_man_rivera: understand
dumbcrazychick: !
dumbcrazychick: oooooooooh!
dumbcrazychick: ...dammit
old_man_rivera: ?
dumbcrazychick: *bangs head repeatedly against wall*
old_man_rivera: did you get it
dumbcrazychick: yeah
old_man_rivera: yeah
old_man_rivera: i'll try to wear it again

dumbcrazychick: !
old_man_rivera: unless you don't care if i do
dumbcrazychick: but you should
dumbcrazychick: no that it's neccessary or anythign
old_man_rivera: but its a good enough reaon to get your courage up
old_man_rivera: and go for it.....cause i will not make the first move

dumbcrazychick: *blushblushblush*

yes this is the one who's the leader of my youth group, and yes this is the one who subbed at my sister's school, and yes this is the one who make holiday season so wonderful and unbearable at the same time *jigs*
I am SO confused! What was on his hat?? And what does the hat have to do with making a move??
UGH I hate when I dont understand things!

Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2007 7:28 pm
by EmmaBiteMe
a_n_n_a wrote:Lucky girl!
Come back and visit sometime :D
We'd love for you to tell us how everything all goes
I don't want to go.

(I want a freeken hug i have not seen him in three days!)
crazy vampire is starting to sound normal! why did i say don't walk here its to cold! . . . because ifs frecken 40C below! I want a vulgar language is ugly hug and i wont see him until class!
His name is a twilight name

Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2007 7:52 pm
by Aoi Sakura
JaDe_ViPeR08-- Most of the things on your list of a perfect guy reminds me of someone I know. He's in my chemistry class. Except he's just a bit young for you. But I guess that means that there are people like that out there. Keep looking! :)

My best friend just got a boyfriend. The biggest problem is that she's barely 16 and he's 20. kind of scary. But they look so good together, and I'm insanely jealous.

I thought I might have found someone, but he seems to be ignoring me right now. Ugh. I give up on boys. I think I'll wait until I'm, like, 24. Maybe they'll have matured by then. XP

Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2007 9:14 pm
by a_n_n_a
Aoi Sakura wrote: I thought I might have found someone, but he seems to be ignoring me right now. Ugh. I give up on boys. I think I'll wait until I'm, like, 24. Maybe they'll have matured by then. XP
I'm guessing by your friend's age that you are also around 16? Well, my friend's older sister, who is 21ish, says that boys seem to mature before and after junior year. I'm hoping the boys at my school are in that process; not that I would date many of them. lol. It would just be nice for them to gain some sense.

Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2007 9:36 pm
by ebony_eyes
I hope no one minds that I just throw an idea out there... I was talking with my cousin and she said that the reason some girls don't get asked out is because they are too strong(and I am not talking physical strength). We are smart, logical, and don't fall for the first cute boy to look our way. Maybe it is intimidating? I know I don't emanate "I need a guy" vibes, but I'm ok with that. So don't worry if this is the case with you too, you just have to wait for a guy that has enough courage to ask you out.