Twilight Personality Quiz- Which Cullen Are YOU?

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Post by letyoudown »

I got Edward Cullen. That's kind of funny! :-)
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Post by jasperlover »

letyoudown wrote:I got Edward Cullen. That's kind of funny! :-)
LOL.. By the way i like you icon... it's funny!
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Post by Bloodlust »

What the monkey? I got Carlisle. Mmmmmm okay......*looks confused*
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Post by alice_fan2 »

I got Rosalie.
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Post by TwilightSeriesRocks »

I got Carlisle Cullen, I always thought I was more of an Alice... lol the way she sometimes freaks people out by saying something weird and mysterious... I do that sometimes, but I don't mean to... I just freak people out like that... lol But whatever the quiz says, goes. I am Carlisle. :) lol Yay I'm a hot doc. Hehe. :)
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Post by KurenaiYue »

I got Jasper... I bet it's because I'm from Texas, isn't it?! Haha... o_O Although... If you'd had more questions (such as... empathy relating, haha) I may've turned out to be Jasper anyway >_>
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Post by YankeeDoodleDandy »

I got Jasper. Well, I'm not a guy, but I guess that means I'm a fairly quiet and thoughtful person..

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Post by Sandy »

Fun, I'm Alice! I don't think I'm quite as eccentric as her most of the time
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Post by clair_de_lune92 »

I got Jasper :D
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Post by Jeminunzi »

i got edward... :)
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