What Character Could you be in the Movie? Part 2

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Post by nightlydreams »

I agree with SavingBella we need some guy pics on here. Any Edwards in outfield?

Not even going to show my pics... I don't think I could look like anyone from Twilight.

Kesled you look like Alice... with long hair :D
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Post by Isabella Cullen »

Ohh nightly, I think we'd be able to persuade you to change your mind in the future. :lol:
Everyone has. ;)

Anyway, there are a couple of guys who have posted in the past. There was one last spring who I swear could have been Jacob Black in real life. But I can't remember what his username was. :( And the mods went back and deleted a whole BUNCH of posts after we started getting a crazyload of new members to save space.
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Post by desertwillow »

savingbella wrote:Desertwillow - I really think you look like an older Bella..like...alot. If you just cut your hair a bit shorter and made it one shade darker i think you could basically be Bella.
Something closer to this?

I second the idea for guys to post their pics. Even if some have in the past, with new members all of the time, it doesn't hurt.
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Post by CamberXite »

Wow desertwillow , your stunning!

I see Bella in you :D
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Post by mz.cullenn »

Desertwillow you definately have some Bella in you.

Kesled, I think you could be a Rosalie or maybe if you had darker hair and shorter hair I can see some Alice in you.

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Post by desertwillow »

:oops: Thanks guys!

And I loved the Renée comment! I hadn't even thought of her! That seems pretty appropriate. :D
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Post by kesled »

thanks you guys! I love Rosalie and Alice.. i believe I also got an Angela comment too, shes nice as well. :]
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Post by savingbella »

I have always imagined myself as tyler for some reason...my brother thinks i look like Tyler as well. My face is always Tomato red (maybe it is the coat i wear inside all the time) so i added the bloom effect to get it out of both pictures.

*remove pictures*

Yay, I always knew I had some Tyler in me. Tyler is such an absent minded character...the way he talked to bella while she was in the traffic jam was kind of random..."Hey look...Bella is in a traffic jam...why not ask her about the dance really quickly even though she has denied other people?".
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savingbella loves the Twilight series.
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Post by Edwardisanangel! »

Kesled....I'm thinking an Angela. Especially the nice, soft eyes.

Desertwillow-I'm thinking maybe Bella, although I get a bit of Esme coming through. Your wedding dress is very pretty, by the way...

Savingbella- I'm thinking...Eric? I don't know. I'm not good at putting my finger on the guy characters. Maybe Tyler.
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Post by kL1028 »

i do see tyler savingbella...maybe ben?
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