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Post by Dr.Who? »

Why is CBC not airing Who?!


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Post by jenn_1314 »


I don't know. But hopefully they do.
I've got my fingers crossed.
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Post by Dr.Who? »

My fingers are crossed for you.

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Post by wellthat'slife »

Aww love Doctor who.

And yes I'm going to be a rebel and fly the flag for Martha! She is brillant.

Anyway yes I do squeel over David Tennant. But who wouldn't?

Absoloute all time episodes are Human nature and Family of blood. They were just so brillantly written.

I count myself so lucky as I live about 45 minuets away from Cardiff (where they film). My friends even met John Barrowmen there!

All in all can't wait till Christmas!
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Post by undecidedBella »

Gosh, who in their right mind would decline the wonderful priveledge of airing Doctor Who? oh well, I am starting to get over my aversion to Martha. she's not so bad. I still miss Rose though. Oh yeah there is this girl I know that reminds me of Martha. She is cool. Actually I think that I am starting to like Martha(just a bit though). Wel got to go. Bye. TTFN(Ta Ta For Now)! :D
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Post by DazzledByTwilight »

I hated it when Rose left :evil: . I cried when she said goodbye to the Doctor as he was talking to her from the tardis. That was such a heartbreaking scene. He didn't even get to finish telling her he loved her :cry:. I hope the show brings her back in future series by magically opening the parallel gap between worlds. I do like Martha just as long as she and the doctor's relationship isn't romantic. He, he I always see the show the same day as Britain despite being in Australia because we download the episodes months before they get shown here. Some of my fav episodes are new earth and sound of the drums/last of the time lords -the master is awesome. The empty child and the doctor dances scared me with the "are you my mummy.'' That was really creepy.
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Post by Imalshen »

W00t! I'm not the only Whovian! Yayyy!!!!!

Last episode so far tomorrow night....agghhh!!

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Post by ~TehMaster~ »

Teh last episode... :shock:


*is dead*

So wonderful... but so... :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: <-- that.
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Post by Cen »

*ear to ear grin* Yea! DOCTOR WHO!

OMG I loved Friday's episode! I felt horrible for the Doctor...

Just have one thing to exclaim: Captain Jack is The *insert name*?!! OMG!

(sorry didn't want to spell out the name in case some people haven't found out yet...)
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Post by titania86 »

I've only seen the 70s to 80's season with the 4th and 5th doctor. It's a good show. I do thoroughly enjoy it and can't wait to watch the more current ones.

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