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The Twilight Lexicon now has it's very own Graphic forums to run alongside the fantastic-ness that are these books by Stephenie Meyer.

The site features many areas of interest to even those who are not artists themselves. We have an entire section dedicated to Requests where you may request your favorite artist to create a banner for you. Also, there is an area notated as "Up For Grabs," where a artists post their work that they will not use or is available for others to use without explicit requests.

For the graphic designers, this is also a resource forum. We have a wide variety (and consistently getting wider) of images for you to use in your Twilight graphics, along with tutorials to help beginners.

NEWS: Vesperarium has had some issues with stolen graphics lately so all galleries now are Members Only. We apologize for the inconvenience but since one of our top concerns is the safety of our artist's work, we feel that this is a mandatory precaution. If interested in seeing the galleries and/or requesting graphics, please register. It doesn't take long and we promise no spam mail.
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This thread is to be editied by CORNIE ONLY. She will add Advertising banners to her post as she sees fit. Do not post beyond my post. If you have a question regarding the graphics site please PM Cornie or refer to the Vesperarium Site for more information. Any other posts will be deleted. Sorry.
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