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My Top Ten favorite trips, so far, in my life

1. San Francisco, CA
2. Tanzania
3. Orlando, FL
4. Colorado
5. Yellowstone as a school trip
6. Yellowstone with my family
7. Duluth, MN (every time I've been there :D )
8. Black Hills, South Dakota
9. Omaha, NE for 4th of July back in the day.
10. Thunder Bay, Canada
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Banging out dents with Tyler
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My Top Ten Favorite Movies:
in no orderrrr.

1. Twilight [no matter what, right?]
2. Across the Universe
3. Jumper
4. Harry Potter 5
5. Harry Potter 4
6. The Invisible
7. Sky High
8. Final Fantasy: Advent Children
9. Peter Pan
10. Harry Potter 2

: D
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